Tesla, Nvidia, 3 IPOs Among Top Stocks To Watch In 2022

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With 2022 present underway, tech stocks similar Tesla (TSLA), Nvidia (NVDA), Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Microsoft (MSFT) and Alphabet (GOOGL) predominate IBD Leaderboard.


In summation to earning a spot connected the Leaderboard database of apical maturation stocks, TSLA, AMD, and NVDA besides marque the IBD Big Cap 20. Plus, tech stocks GOOGL, MSFT and ServiceNow (NOW) person secured placement connected IBD Long-Term Leaders.

Alphabet and AMD besides made a caller database of today's fastest-growing stocks.

Showing spot crossed a scope of sectors, medical, agrochemical and energy stocks besides look connected Leaderboard. Icon (ICLR), Nutrien (NTR) and Oasis Petroleum (OAS) are among the nontech stocks represented.

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Tesla Stock Gaps Up To Ring In 2022

On blowout deliveries for Q4, Tesla gapped up Monday to determination into an alternate buy range. The banal roseate astir 13% successful rising volume.

With Q4 and 2021 net owed Jan. 27, Tesla has already posted 3 consecutive quarters of triple-digit net growth. Analysts forecast 140% EPS maturation for Q4 and a 169% summation for the afloat year. For 2022, analysts estimation 46% net growth.

Nvidia jumped retired to a blessed caller year, but came disconnected the day's highs. It ended the archetypal league of the twelvemonth up implicit 2% successful rising but below-average volume. AMD has joined the celebration, spiking implicit 4%, again successful rising but beneath mean trade.

Meanwhile, chap tech leaders Microsoft and Alphabet are investigating support and resistance astatine their 50-day moving mean lines.

With Q4 net reports astir corner, support an oculus connected the earnings calendar to way erstwhile Alphabet, Microsoft, AMD and different tech stocks are acceptable to report.

Newer IPOs Airbnb, Snowflake and Roblox On Watchlist

Airbnb (ABNB), Snowflake (SNOW) and Roblox (RBLX) person joined the IBD Leaderboard watchlist.

All 3 of these IPOs presently commercialized beneath their 10-week lines arsenic they effort to regroup.

After reporting 239% net maturation successful Q3, Airbnb is acceptable to merchandise Q4 and 2021 numbers connected Feb. 25, with analysts expecting a 107% EPS increase. Following a speedy emergence from its December 2020 IPO, ABNB stock chap into a agelong and heavy consolidation — not uncommon during the turbulent coronavirus banal market. Look for the question manufacture to rebound and for Airbnb to retake its 10-week enactment and interruption out. On Monday, Airbnb roseate implicit 3% successful below-average but rising volume.

SNOW stock has shown somewhat akin enactment since its banal marketplace debut successful September 2020. The cloud-based information warehousing banal is trying to acceptable up a caller consolidation and retake its 10-week line. While Snowflake tries to go profitable, income maturation has been impressive, averaging yearly income increases of 133% implicit the past 3 years.

Hailing from the people of 2021 IPOs, crippled developer Roblox is besides trying to stitchery its strength. After much than a 42% summation Nov. 9 connected earnings, RBLX stock continued to soar to caller highs until Nov. 22. It has since fixed backmost each those gains, falling beneath its 50-day line. Like Snowflake, Roblox has posted beardown income growth, averaging 80% yearly gross gains implicit the past 3 years.

As we hold for the adjacent net reports from Roblox (Jan. 28), Airbnb (Feb. 25) and Snowflake (March 3), support an eyes of the relative spot lines for these IPOs. See if those lines tin statesman trending higher to amusement rebounding marketplace leadership.

Tracking the comparative spot lines for much established companies similar Tesla, Alphabet, Microsoft and AMD volition besides assistance you gauge however these maturation stocks are performing successful the caller year.

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