Oppenheimer Bullish on These 2 Stocks for 70% Upside (Or More)

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The holidays are down us, the New Year is getting into afloat swing, and that means it’s clip to fig out, if we can, conscionable wherever we’re headed successful 2022. Last twelvemonth saw beardown gains successful the banal markets; the S&P 500 grew 29%, acold supra the 7% to 8% yearly average. The large question for investors is, volition the markets support up this blistering pace?

The wide statement is, it won’t – though that doesn’t mean we’re successful for a atrocious year. John Stoltzfus, main concern strategist with Oppenheimer, notes that past twelvemonth was the 3rd successful a enactment with the S&P showing a nett gain, and sets distant his content that 2022 volition marque four. He’s mounting a people for the scale of 5,330 by year’s end. Hitting that volition mean a summation of astir 14% connected the S&P, which volition beryllium little than past twelvemonth but inactive higher than average.

Backing his stance, Stoltzfus writes, “We’ll recognition improving fundamentals, monetary policy, fiscal stimulus (albeit somewhat excessive) arsenic good arsenic concern and consumers doing what they bash champion for the markets’ performance…”

Stoltzfus’ colleagues among Oppenheimer’s banal analysts are pursuing his lead, and picking retired stocks that they spot arsenic winners successful this year’s marketplace environment. Using the TipRanks database, we’ve pulled up details connected 2 of these picks; Strong Buy equities with astatine slightest 70% appreciation imaginable for the coming year. Let’s dive successful and cheque retired what makes them truthful compelling.

Generac Holdings (GNRC)

We’ll commencement with Generac Holdings, a Wisconsin-based steadfast producing backup electrical powerfulness generators. The company’s manufacturing facilities crook retired a assortment of generators for the industrial, airy commercial, and residential markets. The generators scope from tiny 800 watt units to large 9 megawatts systems. Generac reported much than $2.4 cardinal successful full income for 2020. In the archetypal 3 quarters of 2021, full income were up 54% year-over-year.

That brings america to the company’s astir caller earnings report, for 3Q21. At the apical line, the institution reported grounds gross of $942.7 million, on with a coagulated EPS of $2.35. Revenue was up a humble 2.5% sequentially and a much awesome 34% year-over-year; EPS was successful enactment with erstwhile 2 quarters, and gained astir 13% yoy.

Over six months, Generac has made nary less than 5 acquisition moves. The astir recent, announced successful November, was the $770 cardinal woody to get ecobee, a supplier of sustainable astute location systems. The acquisition was made successful currency and stock.

Also successful November, Generac announced an enlargement of its Trenton, South Carolina manufacturing facility. The enlargement is planned for completion successful 3Q22 and volition adhd up to 200,000 quadrate feet of warehousing for some earthy materials and finished products.

Despite these affirmative signs for the company, GNRC shares are down ~37% from their late-October peak. In sum for Oppenheimer, 5-star expert Christopher Glynn explains wherefore helium sees this driblet arsenic an accidental for investors.

"As GNRC's commercialized and strategical improvement activities stay afloat steam ahead, we favorably see the important pullback successful shares successful the discourse of logistics/ outgo pressures interplay with existent sentiment/rotation drivers... GNRC noted grounds quarter-end HSB pb times (30 weeks) with 3Q results and noted orders were particularly beardown successful the 4-6 weeks into 11/2 reporting day continuing to propulsion grounds backlog (we estimation ~$1.3B). We judge suppliers are keeping up well, with logistics and wide question of materials/components the existent friction," Glynn opined.

Based connected each of the supra factors, Glynn rates Generac shares a Buy and acceptable a $540 terms target. Apparently, the expert believes the banal is primed for ~70% implicit the adjacent 12 months. (To ticker Glynn’s way record, click here)

From the aggregated expert reviews, it’s wide that Wall Street agrees with the Oppenheimer instrumentality connected this stock. GNRC has 13 caller expert recommendations, including 11 to Buy and 2 to Hold, for a Strong Buy statement rating. The shares are priced astatine $312.09 and their $507.07 mean people indicates country for ~60% stock appreciation this year. (See GNRC banal investigation connected TipRanks)

Global Blood Therapeutics (GBT)

The 2nd banal we’ll look astatine is Global Blood Therapeutics, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical steadfast focused connected the improvement of treatments for sickle compartment illness (SCD). SCD is simply a unsafe humor information causing terrible symptom and reduced beingness expectancy. The illness is hereditary, and mostly lacks effectual treatments. GBT’s pipeline features respective clinical-stage cause candidates, arsenic good arsenic respective discovery-stage probe programs – but astir importantly, the company’s cause voxelotor has FDA support for the attraction of SCD patients.

Having an approved cause connected the marketplace is the extremity for each biopharma, and a look astatine GBT’s 3Q21 study – the astir caller released – shows why. Voxelotor income (the cause is branded arsenic Oxbryta) person been increasing steadily since the archetypal support and successful Q3 reached $52.1 million. This was up 9.5% from Q2, and a robust 41% from 3Q20. The summation was driven by astir 850 caller Oxbryta prescriptions successful the quarter. Since the drug’s launch, the fig of patients taking it has accrued successful each quarter.

In a related development, GBT reported connected December 17 that the supplemental New Drug Submission for Oxbryta had been approved by the FDA. The supplemental NDA was for a statement expansion, permitting usage of the cause for SCD patients arsenic young arsenic 4 years. Expanding the diligent basal bodes good for the company’s quality to support sales.

Furthermore, the EMA’s Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) issued a affirmative sentiment connected Oxbryta for big and teen patients. This sentiment could beryllium followed by an MAA support successful 1Q22.

In caller weeks, GBT has initiated 2 Phase 3 studies of its 2nd cause candidate, inclacumab. This cause showed affirmative information successful earlier objective trials, and the Phase 3 studies volition measure its efficacy successful addressing SCD symptom crises. Both studies are presently enrolling patients.

Analyst Mark Breidenbach, successful his sum for Oppenheimer, notes the statement enlargement of Oxbryta, arsenic good arsenic the drug’s advancement connected its way toward European approval, arsenic the cardinal catalysts for GBT stock.

“Based connected results from the HOPE-KIDS-1 study, we are not amazed by the statement expansion, which we estimation unlocks ~16,000 US pediatric patients antecedently ineligible for Oxbryta... We are enthusiastic astir the statement enlargement due to the fact that a disease-modifying therapy similar Oxbryta could connection the astir payment to pediatric patients who person not accumulated a beingness of irreversible insubstantial and organ harm from SCD. Further, pediatric patients successful the US are mostly treated astatine well-funded, high-quality sickle compartment centers of excellence, which could assistance amended some uptake and compliance." Breidenbach noted.

It should beryllium unsurprising, then, that Breidenbach rates GBT an Outperform (i.e. Buy). Not to notation the $92 terms people puts the upside imaginable astatine a whopping 221%. (To ticker Breidenbach’s way record, click here)

Again, we’re looking astatine a banal with a Strong Buy statement among the Wall Street expert corps. The 9 reviews present interruption down 8 to 1 successful favour of Buys implicit Holds, and the $73.38 mean terms people implies ~156% upside this twelvemonth from the existent trading terms of $28.63. (See GBT banal investigation connected TipRanks)

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed successful this nonfiction are solely those of the featured analysts. The contented is intended to beryllium utilized for informational purposes only. It is precise important to bash your ain investigation earlier making immoderate investment.

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