Why Microsoft thinks you don't need another free Hyper-V Server SKU

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Running Windows Server connected your ain infrastructure and utilizing unreality services to bash it offers tons of benefits. But that unreality harmony means subscriptions alternatively than unsupported escaped operating systems.


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With the merchandise of Windows Server 2022, determination was a notable omission from the database of server versions: There won't beryllium a caller mentation of the escaped Windows Hyper-V Server.

Based connected Server Core, this stripped-down server OS contains conscionable the Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor, Windows Server operator support, the virtualisation components needed for the Hyper-V relation and immoderate basal options for management. You tin tally power panel, Task Manager, Notepad and (if you instal the Core App Compatibility feature) graphical admin tools similar File Explorer and MMC snap-ins for disk management, failover clustering and the like. That doesn't see Hyper-V Manager though: The volition is that you negociate Hyper-V Server remotely utilizing Windows Admin Center, Remote Server Administration Tools oregon PowerShell.

Hyper-V Server was designed to springiness organizations wanting to tally Linux VMs a escaped mode to bash that and inactive negociate the infrastructure with the aforesaid tools they utilized for Windows Server, whether that's scripts oregon System Center. If you privation to tally Windows Server successful a VM connected Hyper-V Server, you request a Standard oregon Datacentre Edition licence for the virtualisation rights, truthful you mightiness arsenic good conscionable tally that pay-for mentation of Windows Server successful the Hyper-V role.

Not releasing a caller mentation of Hyper-V Server doesn't mean Microsoft's Hyper-V hypervisor is successful immoderate information of going away: Hyper-V underpins the information features that are portion of the crushed for the Windows 11 hardware requirements, and it's utilized successful Microsoft products from Azure to Xbox. Microsoft is adjacent moving connected porting it to tally connected Linux (instead of conscionable hosting Linux VMs).

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In information determination are caller virtualisation features successful Server 2022 that Hyper-V Server 2019 doesn't have, similar nested virtualization enactment with AMD processors. Hyper-V Server lone supports nested virtualization with Intel CPUs.

So wherefore driblet Hyper-V Server from the Windows Server 2022 list? Microsoft is directing customers to Azure Stack HCI instead—a virtualisation work that runs connected your ain hardware, combining the benefits of hyperconverged infrastructure with the convenience, management, elemental billing and regular updates of a unreality service. You don't person to bargain a Windows Server licence for your virtualisation platform. Just wage monthly fees for the unreality service, and you get the software-defined retention and networking that customers kept asking Microsoft to adhd to Hyper-V Manager (which would person efficaciously turned it into an HCI platform). You tin besides tally unreality services similar Azure Kubernetes Service connected it.

A hybrid future

Vijay Kumar, manager of merchandise selling for Windows Server and Azure Arc, calls Azure Stack HCI "the modern virtualization host" but besides a way to containers.

"All of our innovation and each of our reasoning astir Hyper V, whether it's however bash we deliberation astir Hyper V [on premises] oregon however bash we deliberation astir it successful harmony with Azure—all of this concern we're trying to absorption onto Azure Stack HCI and bash it there. For customers that truly privation to privation to usage Hyper V and follow it arsenic a virtualization platform, we truly privation them to spell to Azure Stack HCI," helium told TechRepublic.

"We're besides adding much and much ways, including done Azure Arc, to link to Azure, truthful they tin negociate the lifecycle of virtual machines connected Azure Stack HCI, they tin negociate the lifecycle of Kubernetes clusters oregon connected AKS HCI that they're moving connected Azure Stack, from Azure.

"In the future, we'll travel up with much and much investments to amended [virtualization connected Azure Stack HCI]. Azure Stack HCI volition person faster innovation than the agelong word servicing channel, truthful you volition spot much and faster implementation of functionality and capabilities there."

As a escaped product, Hyper-V Server appealed some to enthusiasts and to commercialized organizations "kicking the tires" earlier adopting. For commercialized customers, helium noted that it doesn't person the aforesaid method merchandise enactment customers get with Azure Stack HCI, which is besides disposable arsenic a escaped 60-day proceedings that volition assistance organizations bash the benignant of investigating they utilized Hyper-V Server for.

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That mightiness besides beryllium quicker, helium suggests. "We would reason customers don't person to walk a full batch of clip successful the archetypal 60 days configuring each of that and they tin conscionable trial what it is that they privation to test."

If 60 days isn't rather enough, helium besides points retired that though you can't usage aged hardware you person lying astir for Azure Stack HCI, you besides don't person to bargain a Windows Server licence oregon wage for the hardware up beforehand the aforesaid mode you're utilized to. "You tin bargain it arsenic cloud-based billing oregon modern billing, wherever you don't person to put a full batch of wealth successful presumption of superior expenditure to bargain Azure Stack HCI. You tin bargain per core, you tin wage connected a per period basis, and past you tin get it for nevertheless abbreviated play of clip that you privation to proceed to testing."

Harmony with cloud

That benignant of unreality pricing connected your ain infrastructure is nary coincidence; the displacement from a escaped server mentation to a debased terms hybrid enactment fits successful with the hybrid absorption of Windows Server generally, due to the fact that Microsoft truly thinks this benignant of hybrid is the future.

"Increasingly we're trying to harmonise Windows Server with the unreality offering connected Azure and trying to adhd worth to customers that privation to proceed to usage workloads connected premises and springiness them much abilities to usage Azure successful harmony with their on-premises Windows Server," Kumar said.

"If they privation to proceed to usage Windows Server connected premises and not person thing to bash with Azure, they tin proceed to bash so, but we besides are investing successful related technologies with Azure Stack HCI, and different things to springiness them much value. If customers take to tally crockery to nuts Microsoft exertion truthful they person 1 pharynx to choke, truthful to speak, they tin person Azure Stack HCI, they tin tally Windows Server 2022 VMs connected Azure Stack HCI that are connected to Azure, lifecycle managed by Azure, and they're adding security, monitoring and argumentation and different features connected that.

Azure Arc brings those aforesaid hybrid benefits to immoderate infrastructure you tally yourself, Windows oregon Linux, and that's thing Kumar said Microsoft would proceed to importantly put in.

"If I could person my way, I'd person each Windows Server retired determination enabled with Arc, connected to Arc, managed from Azure and secured from Azure. You tin easy usage features similar Azure Security centre oregon Azure Defender, Azure Monitor, Azure Policy. You tin usage Azure Policy crossed nevertheless galore information centres you person and negociate it each from Azure and you'll payment from each the information investments that we marque connected Azure. It's a mode to proceed to physique the workloads connected premises that you're comfy doing, but getting the worth of the unreality to your connected premises investments."

The mode you bargain ESUs for Windows Server reflects this aforesaid displacement to hybrid. If you tally an older mentation of Windows Server connected your ain infrastructure, you wage precocious prices for getting information updates erstwhile extended enactment is over, but they're escaped arsenic an other unreality payment if you tally the aforesaid workloads successful Azure nationalist unreality oregon connected Azure Stack HCI.

Similarly, erstwhile Microsoft yet introduced the caller Windows Server certification that IT pros had been asking for (which volition apt beryllium mostly disposable successful aboriginal 2022), it wasn't conscionable astir Windows Server. The Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate certification covers hybrid and unreality IaaS absorption arsenic good arsenic servers connected your ain infrastructure. And adjacent there, the certification covers integrating Windows Server environments with Azure services similar Azure Arc, Azure Automation Update Management, Azure Backup, Azure Security Center, Azure Migrate and Azure Monitor.

This is surely an in-depth Windows Server certification; it covers configuring and administering halfway features similar Active Directory, Desired State Configuration, Hyper-V, containers, backup, monitoring networking, retention including Storage Spaces Direct, security, failover clustering and a wide scope of troubleshooting scenarios, and it volition beryllium utile if you're lone dealing with Windows Server connected premises. But a important information of the skills it measures are astir moving Windows Server successful Azure oregon utilizing Azure services with your ain servers, reflecting Microsoft's transportation that Windows Server is amended erstwhile you integrate it with Azure services.

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As main programme manager for Azure Stack HCI Jeff Woolsey explained successful a video introducing the exams for the caller certification, this isn't conscionable what Microsoft thinks matters but what enterprises are asking for and what IT pros volition beryllium utilizing successful their job. "IT managers are looking for idiosyncratic that tin negociate this hybrid satellite due to the fact that that's wherever folks are going.

"We've truly got a assemblage of radical that are acceptable for a hybrid certification. They're going to beryllium having immoderate worldly down present and immoderate worldly up present for a agelong time; hybrid coexistence is wherever radical privation to be."

And if you're not funny successful immoderate of this Azure integration and you privation Hyper-V Server for thing Linux-based that takes longer than the 60 days of the Azure Stack HCI proceedings without adjacent the tiny monthly charge, the champion enactment is to conscionable transportation connected utilizing Hyper-V Server 2019, which continues to beryllium escaped and is supported until January 2029 (by which clip Microsoft whitethorn person different options).

At the caller Windows Server 2022 event, Woolsey pointed retired that, "it continues to beryllium a large hypervisor disposable astatine nary outgo and tin beryllium managed from Windows Admin Center also, astatine nary cost."

Given that galore organizations tally connected older versions of Windows Server alternatively than upgrading to the latest merchandise immediately, customers mightiness good person stayed connected Hyper-V Server 2019 for immoderate clip anyway. And 7 years of enactment should springiness Microsoft capable clip to observe if it's losing aboriginal customers by not giving the escaped Hyper-V enthusiasts a caller version.

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