Why Aussie great is doubtful of push for justice

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Former Australian Olympic sprinter Raelene Boyle says she isn't holding retired anticipation the International Olympic Committee volition grant medals to the athletes cheated retired by East Germany's infamous doping program.

Boyle's comments travel a study by the Daily Telegraph that claims the caller brag of satellite swimming's governing assemblage FINA volition situation the IOC to recognise those swimmers who missed retired arsenic a effect of East Germany's doping successful the 1970s and '80s.

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Only the IOC has the powerfulness to redistribute medals.

While Boyle claimed 3 metallic Olympic medals successful her career, she, similar galore different Australian athletes, was robbed of more, including 2 golden medals astatine the 1972 Munich Games.

Oct 1982: Raelene Boyle of Australia celebrates winning the Gold Medal successful the Womens 400m astatine the Commonwealth Games successful Brisbane, Australia. (Getty)

Former Australian aquatics stars Lisa Curry and Michelle Ford are conscionable immoderate of galore Australians who would beryllium successful enactment to person Olympic medals, should the IOC redistribute them.

"It's precise absorbing that a caller person of swimming worldwide planetary is going to effort and instrumentality it up to the IOC, but I conscionable don't know," Boyle told 2GB's Jim Wilson.

"If the IOC can't recognise that each the documentation is successful the Stasi museum, and each of the names of the athletes volition beryllium collectable from their files and they haven't recognised it, past I don't cognize whether anyone's going to get it recognised oregon not.

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"But it would beryllium bloody bully if they did.

"The documentation is determination to accidental that the East German concealed constabulary ... they came up with the thought that 'yeah we volition bash this due to the fact that we volition beryllium capable to bushed the satellite with this'.

"They did successful each sport. They really stopped large athletes from winning medals that they should person and genuinely deserved."

Jared Tallent of Australia successful the 2016 Olympics (Getty)

Former Australian Olympic walker Jared Tallent, who fell unfortunate astatine the 2012 London Games, said helium was fortunate helium received his deserved golden medal aft finishing 2nd successful the 50km contention locomotion to Russia's Sergei Kirdyapkin, who was aboriginal proven to person breached doping rules.

"I ever deliberation of myself arsenic idiosyncratic who was precise lucky, and conscionable successful a clip and property erstwhile determination are truthful galore technological advancements successful anti-doping," Tallent told 2GB's Wide World of Sports radio.

"I'm precise fortunate I was capable to get my golden medal back, wherever I consciousness precise atrocious for those who competed agelong earlier maine and were intelligibly beaten by cheats.

"Those technologies were ne'er available, truthful those athletes were ne'er caught. Those athletes who should beryllium golden medallists person missed out."

In 2016, the German authorities approved a 2nd money to wage compensation to athletes from the erstwhile East Germany representation whose wellness was damaged by the doping program.

It's estimated betwixt 8000-9000 athletes were portion of the secretive state-supported doping programme from 1972-1989.

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