What the Dodgers and the Giants Mean to Californians

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California today

The teams are tied successful the National League part series.

Soumya Karlamangla

Oct. 13, 2021, 8:41 a.m. ET


The Dodgers’ Mookie Betts celebrating with Walker Buehler aft  hitting a two-run location  tally  during the 4th  inning of Game 4 connected  Tuesday.
Credit...Marcio Jose Sanchez/Associated Press

And yet — possibly this is sacrilege to die-hard fans — determination was thing beauteous astir galore of the memories you shared of matchups past, adjacent those of your squad losing.

It’s wide that Dodgers vs. Giants games, whether heard connected the radio, watched connected TV oregon seen successful a stadium, are an indispensable portion of being a Californian for truthful many: a abstraction to find community, autumn successful love, consciousness wonder, and link with household and friends.

Stan Coleite, a scholar who lives successful Los Angeles, told maine he’ll cheer for the Giants if they marque it to the World Series, adjacent though he’s a longtime Dodgers supporter.

“I basal for the location team. Home is California.”


Credit...Jed Jacobsohn/Associated Press

Here are immoderate of the champion memories you sent in:

“I met my hubby astatine a Dodgers-Giants crippled successful 1983 astatine Dodger Stadium. I was attending with a clump of guys from work. He was determination connected a date! We moved to the Bay Area and became Giants fans.” — Lindy Kennedy, Aromas

“In 1960, connected Labor Day weekend, my dada took maine to my archetypal ever nonrecreational shot game. The mounting was a brand-new Candlestick Park, and connected the mound were Dodger large Sandy Koufax and for San Francisco, Mike McCormick. It was a beauteous autumn day, and it was magic to spot the men I truthful admired quadrate disconnected against 1 another.” — Bart O’Brien, Colfax

“When I was successful precocious school, the Dodgers offered 2 pairs of escaped tickets to summertime games for students who kept an A (3.6) grade-point average. My parents didn’t attraction astir my grades, and actively discouraged me, a girl, from going to college.

But aft graduating precocious school, I was connected my mode to assemblage with a assistance paying the way. I person nary concern successful who wins oregon loses this humanities postseason matchup, but I volition ever beryllium grateful to the Dodgers.” — Sheila Green, Sacramento

“I’m a autochthonal Angeleno, but assemblage brought maine to Northern California wherever I settled down with an SF Giants-loving feline and raised 2 girls. Tried arsenic I could to person the girls to the Dodgers instrumentality base. No luck.

So wherever bash I autumn present connected the Dodger-Giant spectrum? Well, I can’t shingle my pridefulness for Dodger bluish and a grin for each hit. But orangish and achromatic look bully connected me.” — Martha Mathias Jacoby, Meadow Vista


Credit...Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

“As a kid my dada had Dodgers play tickets. My favourite representation was a roasted peanut vendor named Roger Owen who could propulsion a container of peanuts from 5 rows distant and deed you perfectly. I saved a container of peanuts that helium signed — until precocious erstwhile I talented it to a young nephew who is simply a Dodgers fan.” — Gail Benjamin, Pacifica

“My favourite representation of the Giants-Dodgers rivalry was the 1962 pennant race. Up to that point, the Giants were ever bridesmaids to the champion Dodgers led by Koufax and [Don] Drysdale. I tin inactive callback listening to the dependable of Russ Hodges connected my transistor vigor excitedly describing the Giants’ rally successful the precocious innings of the regular season’s last game, which would punch their summons to the World Series.” — Stan Lathrop, Nevada City

“My household and I immigrated to the United States from India successful 1966, and we settled successful San Jose. A fewer months later, a radical of my caller third-grade buddies invited maine to locomotion to a vicinity market store to bargain shot cards — a battalion for a nickel.

The cards seemed unusual to me, but I was precise blessed with the bubble gum instrumentality that came successful my pack. My friends, connected the different hand, were soon shocked and excited erstwhile they recovered that my battalion included a beauteous Don Drysdale card, showing the large pitcher successful a pitching question and Dodger Stadium successful the background.

My friends past schooled me: We unrecorded successful the Bay Area and, therefore, we are each Giants fans. I dutifully dumped the now-valuable paper and, for the past 55 years, I’ve remained a passionate instrumentality of the San Francisco Giants.” — Thomas Varghese, Alameda

For more:


Credit...Mike Eliason/Santa Barbara County Fire, via Associated Press
  • Wildfires: The Alisal fire, which began connected Monday adjacent Santa Barbara, had consumed 21 quadrate miles and was 5 percent contained arsenic of Tuesday evening.

    In Northern and Central California, dozens of mobile homes were damaged and astatine slightest 1 antheral was burned by wildfires connected Monday, The Associated Press reports.

  • Captain Kirk: How to ticker William Shatner launch to abstraction this morning.

  • Vaccine resistance: Far much constabulary officers person died from Covid-19 than from immoderate different work-related origin successful 2020 and 2021. Even so, vaccines stay a hard sell.

  • Strike astatine Kaiser: More than 24,000 nurses and different wellness attraction workers astatine Kaiser Permanente successful California and Oregon are threatening to locomotion retired implicit wage and moving conditions, The Associated Press reports.

  • Vaccine harassment: A caller California instrumentality makes it amerciable to harass radical connected their mode to get immoderate benignant of vaccine, California Healthline reports.

  • Flu vaccine mandate: The University of California is requiring each students, employees and module connected each of their campuses to person the flu vaccine by Nov. 19. Those who opt retired indispensable deterioration a disguise done the extremity of the flu season, according to The Sacramento Bee.


  • Park sanction change: Los Angeles is removing Junipero Serra’s sanction from a downtown park, LAist reports.

  • Obituary: Ruthie Tompson, who breathed beingness into classical Disney films, has died astatine 111.


  • Wind storm: Nearly 5,000 PG&E customers successful the Fresno country were without powerfulness connected Tuesday greeting aft a terrible upwind storm, The Fresno Bee reports.


  • Hedge funds marque large wealth connected PG&E: An investigation recovered that 20 Wall Street hedge funds person collectively dumped 250 cardinal PG&E shares since the inferior emerged from bankruptcy extortion past year, grossing astatine slightest $2 billion, KQED reports.

  • Bay Area exodus: A caller canvass recovered that implicit fractional of Bay Area residents program to permanently permission the country successful the adjacent fewer years. The outgo of lodging is propelling their departure, The San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Stuck astatine location during the pandemic, galore Americans took successful dogs oregon cats. Others took up a much elaborate favored hobby: luxury location aquariums.


Credit...David Malosh for The New York Times


Credit...Alexandra Hootnick for The New York Times

Today’s question extremity comes from Dawn Hill, who recommends a travel to Humboldt County:

Although Mendocino is much famously touristy, Humboldt County is conscionable arsenic beauteous and astir fractional the price. We person each the ocean, ALL THE REDWOODS, fractional the tourists, and fractional the prices.

Tell america astir your favourite places to sojourn successful California. Email your suggestions to CAtoday@nytimes.com. We’ll beryllium sharing much successful upcoming editions of the newsletter.

A caller memoir of Filipino American household life.


Credit...Alexandra Hootnick for The New York Times

Cocktails to spell are present to stay.

Under a instrumentality precocious signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom, restaurants and bars tin proceed selling takeout alcoholic drinks, primitively a impermanent measurement intended to boost income during the pandemic.


Thanks for reading. I’ll beryllium backmost tomorrow. — Soumya

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