US sport stunned by 'worst call in history'

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A assemblage shot prima successful America was connected the receiving extremity of a punishment that had fans and commentators scratching their heads.

Iowa State wide receiver Xavier Hutchinson bushed his Oklahoma hostile to get into the backfield and people a 51-yard touchdown.

But the referee threw a emblem and took the touchdown disconnected Hutchinson, alternatively penalising the assemblage prima for "taunting" - unsportsmanlike conduct.

The lucifer authoritative took objection to the mode the scorer had tally to the in-goal, with Hutchinson changing his gait somewhat to see thing akin to a goosestep.

"The touchdown volition travel back. It's going to be... taunting? Come on," exclaimed an Iowa State commentator.

"The benignant of happening you ne'er spot called. Did helium rise the ball?

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Wide receiver Xavier Hutchinson of the Iowa State Cyclones. (Getty)

"The amusive constabulary are out. Come on... this is similar the worst telephone successful NCAA history."

Hutchinson was the prima of the game, contempt the bizarre penalty, and was aboriginal asked astir the antithetic incident.

"I americium never, ever, ever, ever, going to look backmost again successful my life, oregon amusement immoderate precocious measurement successful the extremity portion ever again," helium said.

"Imma conscionable tally into the extremity portion and manus the shot to the ref. That's it."

Pundits connected societal media appeared unanimous successful disagreeing with the referee's decision.

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