The January 6th Committee Is About To Come After Sean Hannity

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The 1/6 Committee wants to speech to Fox News big Sean Hannity astir the onslaught connected the Capitol.

Axios reported:

The Jan. 6 prime committee is preparing to inquire Fox News Channel big Sean Hannity for his voluntary practice with its probe of the battle connected the U.S. Capitol, a root with nonstop cognition of the plans tells Axios.


Axios has not yet been capable to found the quality of the practice the committee plans to inquire of Hannity. Committee officials person said Hannity was among respective Fox News hosts who were texting Meadows during the riot.

Sean Hannity Will Have No Immunity When The 1/6 Committee Comes For Him

Sean Hannity did not enactment successful the White House, though helium was often referred to arsenic Trump’s shadiness main of unit and engaged successful nightly telephone calls with him, truthful the Fox News big volition person nary assertion of immunity. 

Hannity could effort to writer the committee, but that maneuver has not worked retired good for Trump oregon immoderate of his allies who person tried it truthful far.

Sean Hannity apt knows a batch much than helium has fto on.

Hannity tried to screen his backside by condemning the 1/6 attack, but helium has ne'er criticized oregon condemned Trump.

There was ever a hazard for Trump successful utilizing Fox News arsenic his shadiness White House staff. If the committee wants to fastener successful connected Trump’s Fox News cabinet, determination is small that the TV personalities tin bash to halt them.

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