Texas Republicans Hit A New Low By Praising Long Lines To Vote

2 years ago 620

Texas Republicans are selling agelong voting lines successful the authorities arsenic a bully happening and comparing it to COVID testing.

This is what the Texas Republican Party tweeted:

If you tin hold successful enactment for a covid test, you tin hold successful enactment to vote. pic.twitter.com/Y8YrKEspYP

— Texas GOP (@TexasGOP) January 7, 2022

Getting a COVID trial is not the aforesaid happening arsenic the close to vote. By equating the two, Republicans are admitting that it isn’t predetermination integrity but disenfranchisement and discouragement that are the motivations down their elector suppression laws.

The Republicans are admitting that they privation to marque it harder to vote. They privation voters to basal successful discouraging agelong lines. They privation radical who can’t spend to miss enactment oregon person nary 1 to ticker their kids to skip predetermination time due to the fact that that is however they triumph elections.

The DOJ ought to usage this tweet arsenic grounds 1 successful immoderate suit against the Texas elector suppression laws, due to the fact that Republicans are arrogant and bragging that they don’t privation radical to vote.

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