Tesla deliveries surge 87% in 2021, smash quarterly record

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Tesla Inc. delivered much than 308,000 vehicles successful the 4th quarter, blowing distant analysts’ expectations, and saw deliveries surge astir 87% successful a twelvemonth that saw the electric-vehicle shaper apical $1 trillion successful marketplace headdress for the archetypal time.

In a connection Sunday, Tesla TSLA, -1.27% said it delivered much than 936,000 vehicles successful 2021 — 911,209 of which were Model 3 sedans and Model Y SUVs. That’s astir treble 2020’s totals, erstwhile it delivered astir 500,000 vehicles. Tesla added that its last transportation numbers are somewhat conservative, and whitethorn emergence somewhat aft last calculations are made for its fourth-quarter net earnings announcement.

Wall Street statement was for fourth-quarter deliveries of astir 266,000 vehicles, with immoderate bullish analysts predicting numbers betwixt 275,000 and 289,000.

“This was a ‘trophy case’ 4th for Musk & Co. with monolithic momentum moving into 2022,” Wedbush analysts Daniel Ives tweeted Sunday.

The summation successful accumulation and deliveries was adjacent much awesome considering the spot shortage and supply-chain problems that plagues car makers successful 2021. The Wall Street Journal has reported Tesla’s in-house bundle engineering helped marque it much agile than its rivals astatine adjusting to the spot shortfall.

“Great enactment by Tesla squad worldwide!” Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk tweeted Sunday. He aboriginal tweeted: “Let’s marque the roaring 20’s happen!”

Tesla banal roseate astir 50% successful 2021, and has rallied 36% implicit the past 3 months contempt a astir monthlong selloff as Musk sold astir 10% of his stake successful the company, portion exercising adjacent much banal options.

After topping $1 trillion successful marketplace capitalization for the archetypal clip successful October, it concisely fell beneath that level during the selloff, but rejoined that exclusive club successful December. As of Dec. 31, the institution was valued astatine astir $1.06 trillion.

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