Tennis legend expects Barty reign to end

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Former satellite No.3 Pam Shriver doubts Ashleigh Barty volition spot retired 2022 arsenic the satellite No.1.

Barty finished past twelvemonth successful the apical spot, achieving the feat for the 3rd consecutive season. The rubric was the icing connected the barroom for Barty successful a twelvemonth afloat of highlights including her archetypal Wimbledon title and engagement to her semipermanent partner.

"Actually, I deliberation determination volition beryllium a caller No.1," Shriver told the WTA.

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Ashleigh Barty prepares to footwear disconnected her Australian Open campaign. (Getty)

"I'm not precisely definite whom, but I deliberation Ash has had a large tally and I deliberation it could beryllium idiosyncratic successful the apical five.

"I'm looking astatine the points, and I deliberation the astir apt 1 is Garbiñe Muguruza.

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"It could beryllium Aryna Sabalenka, if she buries those demons. It wasn't conscionable what Garbiñe showed astatine Guadalajara, but she and [coach] Conchita [Martinez] person developed a coagulated partnership. I consciousness she's underachieved successful the past mates of years, but I deliberation the 2nd fractional of 2021 she started to amusement much of the committedness that took her to a French and a Wimbledon title.

"I'm looking astatine Ash's pb and it's not insignificant.

"Ash Barty, arsenic large arsenic she is, I don't spot her arsenic being connected apical for 154 consecutive weeks. She's truthful solid, but I conscionable deliberation idiosyncratic other is going to measurement up".

Barty volition beryllium successful enactment astatine the Adelaide International aboriginal this week aft being scheduled a archetypal circular bye connected the opening time of play.

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