'Succession' returns with Season 3

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Where we near off: A refresher

From CNN's Sandra Gonzalez

Yacht trips are truthful  overmuch  amended  erstwhile   it turns into "The Hunger Games" onboard. Yacht trips are truthful overmuch amended erstwhile it turns into "The Hunger Games" onboard. (Graeme Hunter/HBO)

Much similar Ted Lasso ever asks of his team, I am, successful fact, a goldfish. My unspeakable representation is some a blessing (because I lone retrieve my enemies and ne'er my regrets) and a curse (because I’m unspeakable astatine trivia). 

For my chap goldfish, who cognize they watched a amusement called “Succession” but can’t retrieve what happened successful Season 2, here’s a refresher:

Logan Roy (Brian Cox): Season 2 ends with Big Daddy Boss Man prepared to sacrifice his oldest lad successful bid to wide the company’s sanction amid accusations of wrongdoing involving its cruise division. The ungraded — a effect planted successful Season 1 — progressive payouts to screen up tons of things similar intersexual exploitation and different atrocious stuff. After a lengthy crippled of whogonnadoit on a yacht, the patriarch decided that Kendall. Logan ne'er says it but helium knows that his lad owes him large aft helium bailed him retired of that pesky accidental execution backmost successful England. If Kendall took work for the scandal, helium thought, shareholders' tendency for Roy humor would beryllium satisfied and authorities would person idiosyncratic to clasp legally responsible. All was going good until…

Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong): At the property league wherever Kendall was expected to instrumentality responsibility, helium turned the tables and pinned the full happening connected his dad. He’s thing if not persistent successful his tendency to beryllium the past 1 lasting — adjacent if helium can’t really basal due to the fact that Logan is going to interruption his legs. 

Greg (Nicholas Braun): Greg was determination erstwhile Kendall dropped the weaponry astatine the property conference, truthful I conjecture he’s Team Kendall? “Was there” is simply a large mode to picture Greg generally, which is wherefore truthful galore radical emotion him, I think. 

Siobhan “Shiv” Roy (Sarah Snook): Last play saw Logan’s beloved “Pinky” get the mediate digit from her begetter galore times. He’s dangled the main occupation implicit her head, and portion Shiv and the assemblage cognize she’d beryllium a bully leader, he’s dilatory to fto her consciousness excessively sturdy successful her standing. Meanwhile, her matrimony is successful a weird place…

Tom Wambsgans (Matthew Macfadyen): If being the spouse to a Roy doesn’t look similar an casual job, it’s due to the fact that it’s astir apt not. I'd ideate it's overmuch similar being murdered portion sleeping successful precise fancy sheets -- it’s large and luxurious until it’s horrible. At least, that seemed similar Tom’s acquisition past season, peculiarly successful the finale erstwhile it looked similar Shiv was pushing for him to beryllium the sacrificial lamb. Tom didn’t admit this and took the accidental to archer her truthful and explicit that he's unhappy with the thought of being successful an unfastened marriage, arsenic she’d proposed. He besides mentioned that he’s beauteous unhappy successful general. Ouch. 

Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin): No 1 truly cares what happened to Roman past season. They conscionable privation Gerri and Roman to get…better acquainted. Sorry to beryllium the messenger if this is someway quality to you. Also, congrats on visiting the net for the archetypal time. 

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“Succession” Season 3 trailer: ‘The full satellite is watching’

From CNN's Sandra Gonzalez

Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and Greg (Nicholas Braun) from HBO's "Succession." Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and Greg (Nicholas Braun) from HBO's "Succession." (David M. Russell/HBO)

Oh, Kendall if you lone knew.

Sunday’s play premiere of “Succession” is close astir the country and if this trailer doesn’t get you pumped up, you astir apt don’t ticker the show. In which case, what are you doing here?

The occurrence begins astatine 9 p.m. ET.

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