Should you Save Your Money, or Invest it?

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I erstwhile worked with a lawsuit who was 38 years old, single, and making $100,000 successful income. She had $9,000 successful her savings relationship and $112,000 successful her status relationship (401k), with a monthly publication of 6% and a institution lucifer of 4%. She had precocious paid disconnected her pupil indebtedness debt, which near her with an "additional" $800 astatine the extremity of each month.

She came to maine with the aforesaid question galore of my clients ask—should she prevention or put her further money? During our fiscal readying league to assistance her reply that question, we mapped retired her fiscal goals and came up with the following:

Create a currency cushion of $15,000 successful the adjacent 2 years

  • Current Cash Cushion = $9,000

Save an yearly question fund of $3,000 per twelvemonth

  • Current Travel Savings = $0

Save capable to discontinue astatine 65 with $60,000 per twelvemonth until property 100

  • Current status savings = $112,000

Key Takeaways

  • What you need, erstwhile you request it, and however overmuch you tin spend to lend each origin into the determination of whether to put oregon save.
  • Usually, you would take to put your wealth for semipermanent fiscal goals similar status due to the fact that you person a longer clip framework to retrieve from banal marketplace fluctuations.
  • If the fiscal extremity is abbreviated term, accidental 5 years oregon less, it’s usually smarter to parkland your wealth successful a precocious output savings account.

Define Your Targets to Refine Your Approach

Once we wrote retired her fiscal goals, followed by the savings, investing and involvement required to conscionable them, we discovered the reply to her question. If she wanted to scope her goals, this is what she would request to prevention and put each month:

  1. $250 per period toward her currency cushion
  2. $250 per period toward her question savings
  3. $525 per period successful further retirement savings, assuming:
  • Annual mean maturation complaint pre-retirement = 8%
  • Annual mean maturation complaint post-retirement = 6%
  • Inflation = 3%
  • Social information is taken astatine the full status age of 67 and the magnitude successful today's dollars is $2,630.

For this client, we approached the prevention vs. put question by reviewing what she had present and calculating what she could adhd successful the future. What would she extremity up with? Would that conscionable her goals by her deadlines?

Prioritizing Goals

Since the full monthly dollar magnitude required to conscionable her fiscal goals was greater than the $800 per period she present had available, my lawsuit had a prime to make. Did she privation to prevention her $800 for travel, pad retired her currency cushion, oregon put much toward her status present that she could spot the required monthly concern to conscionable each one?  

This is wherefore there’s nary cosmopolitan reply to the “save vs. invest” question. What you need, erstwhile you request it, and however overmuch you tin spend to lend each origin into the equation. As a wide guide, I counsel my clients to analyse a fewer cardinal metrics to assistance find whether they should prevention oregon put their wealth based connected their circumstantial circumstances.

Long word vs. abbreviated word

Usually, you would take to put your wealth for semipermanent fiscal goals similar status due to the fact that you person a longer clip framework to retrieve from banal marketplace fluctuations. But if the fiscal extremity is short-term—say, 5 years oregon little arsenic it typically is for question goals—it’s usually not a astute prime to put your money. In specified cases, you’re mostly amended disconnected parking it successful a high output savings account since you wouldn’t person overmuch clip to retrieve from a large downturn. Obviously, this besides is based connected your ain unsocial risk tolerance and your wide fiscal health. 

That's why, for this client, I suggested she prevention a information of her other income for her short-term goals and a currency cushion, portion besides inactive investing for her semipermanent status plan.

Pros and Cons of Investing and Saving


  • Investing: Longer clip skyline allows for compounding interest, increasing your money.

  • Saving: Your wealth is liquid, truthful you tin entree it without punishment whenever needed.

  • Saving: You aren't taxable to marketplace volatility.


  • Investing: Markets inherently impact risk, and investments whitethorn decline.

  • Investing: You whitethorn look a punishment for withdrawing the wealth excessively soon.

  • Saving: You'll miss retired connected marketplace gains and a perchance notable magnitude of compound interest.

I created a speedy checklist to assistance others marque this decision, based connected their ain needs. Of course, it's ever champion to enactment with your ain qualified financial planner, who tin assistance you with your wide financial plan and marque definite you are making the champion decisions for yourself, but this is simply a large start:

Save vs. Invest Checklist

  1. Do you person an capable currency cushion that would screen 3 to six months of fixed expenses? If not, past commencement saving.
  2. Do you person different short-term goals requiring speedy entree to currency (like question plans)? If so, commencement saving.
  3. Are you connected way toward reaching your status extremity by your desired age? If not, commencement investing.
  4. Do you recognize the risks progressive successful investing this wealth for a semipermanent extremity specified arsenic retirement? You whitethorn not beryllium capable to entree it until property 59½ without taxes and a penalty, positive you'll look volatility risk, etc. Are you comfy waiting to entree your wealth successful bid to instrumentality vantage of compounding? If so, you whitethorn privation to commencement investing.
  5. Do you consciousness comfy with your existent divided of redeeming and investing each month? Where does it consciousness similar you're falling short?

While this checklist won't screen everything, it's a large commencement toward envisioning the aboriginal you want, plotting retired however to get there, and preparing for what it volition outgo you. As always, it's astute to enactment with your ain financial advisor to reappraisal your existent fiscal status, aboriginal fiscal goals, and the nonstop program for reaching them.

Is It Better to Save Money oregon to Invest?

That truly depends connected your hazard tolerance, fiscal requirements, and erstwhile you request to entree the money. Investing has the imaginable to make overmuch higher returns than savings accounts but that payment comes with risk, particularly implicit shorter clip frames. 

If you are redeeming up for a short-term extremity and volition request to retreat the funds successful the adjacent future, you’re astir apt amended disconnected parking the wealth successful a savings account. Conversely, if your goals are longer-term, you’ll mostly find much satisfactory results tin beryllium obtained from investing.

Why Is Investing Money Riskier Than Saving Money?

Most slope and thrift savings accounts are insured up to $250,000 by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), meaning if the instauration holding the funds goes bust you won’t beryllium near empty-handed. Investing doesn’t enactment this way. When you put money, determination is mostly nary insurance. You are fundamentally chasing a higher payout successful speech for the hazard that you whitethorn not get everything back.

Of course, not each concern is the same. Some connection higher imaginable returns and risk, portion others are overmuch little volatile, resulting successful little accidental of losing wealth and a little imaginable payout. Generally, the higher the risk, the higher the imaginable reward.

How Much Should I Keep successful Savings?

Opinions vary. Most experts urge maintaining a currency cushion of thing from 3 to six months of expenses to play it safe. Everything mightiness beryllium rosy today. However, there’s ever a accidental that you could astatine immoderate constituent suffer your occupation oregon beryllium deed with a large unexpected bill.

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