On 1/6 The GOP Is In Denial And Celebrating Propaganda

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There is astir nary question that the entirety of the GOP hivemind relaxed portion looking astir nervously erstwhile Donald Trump announced that helium would skip his property league today. There is nary conceivable mode that helium could person said thing connected this peculiar time that would person helped their cause. Indeed, the GOP’s top triumph successful the Trump epoch mightiness beryllium utilizing the post-Jan. 6th twelvemonth to person the American nationalist that Jan. 6th ne'er happened, oregon if it happened, it wasn’t that bad, oregon if it was atrocious it was lone due to the fact that of a fewer rogue people, oregon if it was much than a fewer it was due to the fact that the existent insurrection was connected November 3rd and they were close to beryllium aggravated or…

With Trump inactive successful power of the entirety of the elected-right, nary 1 successful the GOP wants him speaking to anyone contiguous and reminding regular people, the bulk of Americans, however Trump could bring astir specified an attack. Thus, the centralized Republicans, the Washington, DC Republicans, volition unreal that they don’t usage calendars. They volition not enactment successful thing the Democrats bash to commemorate the day. In fact, they person a cleanable excuse (though we accidental that respectfully) to get retired of municipality and be erstwhile Georgia Sen. Johnny Isakson’s funeral. 

But the decentralized MAGA party, the hive, volition beryllium some celebrating the time and having vigils for those poor, convulsive souls inactive jailed awaiting proceedings for their actions that day.  According to Politico:

Exactly 1 twelvemonth aft 1 of the darkest days successful American democracy, the representation the enactment volition convey is not an exemplary one. Across the country, Republican activists are inactive readying rallies and vigils successful much than a twelve states for Jan. 6 participants they picture arsenic “patriots” oregon “political prisoners.” Stars of the party’s right-wing are lining up to look connected blimpish media successful a time of antagonistic programming designed to downplay the seriousness of the onslaught connected the Capitol. Trump himself volition beryllium backmost down a microphone adjacent week successful Arizona, wherever helium volition repetition his prevarication that the predetermination was rigged.

How does 1 downplay the seriousness of the onslaught connected the Capitol? This is the United States? Not immoderate erstwhile Soviet Republican entering a caller era… It is easy downplayed if it was each for a bully cause, possibly a spot overdone, but their hearts were successful the close place:

Fully two-thirds of Republicans accidental they don’t presumption the riot astatine the Capitol arsenic an onslaught connected government, according to a Quinnipiac University poll. And though Republicans mostly disapprove of the actions of those who forced their mode into the Capitol, according to a CBS News poll this week, they were much apt to picture what happened that time arsenic an enactment of “patriotism” oregon “defending freedom” than an insurrection.

Just a time of activism, patriotism, the champion of America, astatine slightest that is the taxable that is going to beryllium coming retired from the right.

What the time truly represents is the powerfulness of propaganda coupled with the conscionable however overmuch hatred flows done the MAGA-mind. One cannot recognize the MAGA question without appreciating that they hatred america much than immoderate overseas national of immoderate overseas country, much than immigrants, adjacent much than radical they utilized to picture arsenic “terrorists.” They hatred america much due to the fact that we’re astir them each time each time and they judge we not lone power their lives but we ruin their lives.

Living with that benignant of hatred, 1 tin warrant conscionable astir anything, including violence. We person each seen the stats, the fig creeping upward, Republicans who judge that things tin get “so wrong” that unit is simply a justified response. Reading the texts and correspondence betwixt the radical astir Trump past January 6th present is astir quaint. Even they were unaware of however overmuch their “audience” hated the liberals. They were perfectly prepared to expanse it nether the rug.

“Extremism has go somewhat mainstream wrong the enactment now,” said Michael Brodkorb, a erstwhile lawman seat of the Republican Party successful Minnesota, wherever Republicans are hosting a vigil for Jan. 6 defendants successful agrarian Aitkin County. “What has occurred implicit the past fewer years is that the enactment apparatus has been soiled a spot by a precise extremist, militant constituent wrong the enactment that is conscionable simply dangerous.

So Trump volition support his rima shut, which is successful each MAGA’s interest, astatine slightest for today. The almighty Washington, DC MAGAs volition beryllium successful Atlanta for a funeral, and – again, said with respect, they are astir apt thankful to person a crushed to get retired of town. But the regular voting MAGA and the media MAGAs, they are going to beryllium celebrating contiguous arsenic typical of 1 of their eventual triumphs. They got distant with it. Not the radical rioting themselves, but the MAGA movement. It got distant with it. And, sorry, but thing Merrick Garland said yesterday is going to onslaught fearfulness successful the bosom of immoderate of those who planned the time and are yet responsible.

To the “hive” MAGA movement, contiguous is simply a time to celebrate. It means they tin bash it again if needed. Only present they person signifier and tin bash it close adjacent time.

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