Omicron Is Spreading Rapidly Through California

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More than 20 percent of coronavirus tests person travel backmost affirmative implicit the past week, according to the statewide average.

Shawn Hubler

Jan. 5, 2022, 8:32 a.m. ET


A coronavirus investigating  tract  successful  Los Angeles connected  Tuesday.
Credit...Allison Zaucha for The New York Times

How accelerated is the coronavirus spreading successful California?

1. A sizeable spike successful caller cases implicit the vacation play — astir a 4th cardinal — was reported by the authorities wellness section connected Tuesday, with an mean of astir 59,000 cases a time recorded from New Year’s Eve done Monday. The complaint of caller cases has soared to 134 per 100,000 residents, and is poised to obliterate the highest acceptable past winter.

2. Transmission has acceptable a record, blowing adjacent past the heights of 2020, the California Department of Public Health reported connected Tuesday. State computer models amusement the microorganism moving truthful rapidly successful Los Angeles County that astir 2 radical are being infected by each carrier.

3. Test positivity has changeable up by 1,000 percent successful a month. More than 20 percent of coronavirus tests person travel backmost affirmative implicit the past week successful California, according to the statewide average. At the commencement of past month, the seven-day mean trial positivity complaint was a small implicit 2 percent.

Why truthful swift? The Omicron variant, mostly. But besides vacation gatherings. The variant appears to nutrient little terrible cases, but its dispersed is peculiarly atrocious timing arsenic schools reopen aft the wintertime break.

Alex Cherniss, the superintendent of the Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District, wherever astir 10,000 students successful coastal Los Angeles County returned to classrooms this week, told maine connected Tuesday that schoolhouse attendance dropped by astir 10 percent connected Monday arsenic investigating of students and unit detected astir 170 coronavirus infections.

About 70 were among children who had already travel backmost to campus, helium said, and each had secondary contacts who besides had to beryllium sent home. Earlier successful the world year, helium said, possibly 3 percent of students would person returned from a interruption with an infection. A region wellness official, helium said, told him to presume that a tenth of his pupil assemblage had the microorganism — astir 1,000 children.

As Dr. Bob Wachter, seat of the section of medicine astatine the University of California, San Francisco, enactment it successful a New Year’s Eve tweet: “Be ace cautious — it’s raining Covid.” And yet successful an interrogation this week, Wachter besides was bullish connected California’s prospects. Here’s immoderate of our chat, edited and condensed:

We’ve got a beauteous unspeakable play up of us. The question is however agelong it lasts, and however atrocious it gets. We present person beauteous bully grounds that Omicron is simply a substantially little terrible microorganism than Delta, peculiarly successful radical who’ve been vaccinated. And we’re seeing a disconnect betwixt the fig of cases, which are enormous, and the numbers of hospitalizations and radical successful intensive attraction units who are truly sick.

I deliberation February and March are going to beryllium OK, and possibly adjacent precise good. The mode Omicron is acting, the levels of immunity, the information that galore unvaccinated radical are going to get their immunity the hard way, done corruption — there’s overmuch that is hopeful implicit the adjacent 4 to six weeks.

If we instrumentality each the precautions — ventilation, opening windows, testing, radical upping their disguise crippled — and the kids are vaccinated, there’s a tenable accidental we tin run the schools safely. But it’s astir apt not going to enactment wherever each that is not happening. There’s this communicative that closing the schools was the biggest mistake of 2020, which I deliberation benignant of hardens everybody’s position. Closing presents existent hardships to kids and their parents. We besides are looking astatine a truly precise ample menace successful presumption of corruption that astir apt volition beryllium gone by February. There’s truthful overmuch corruption astir present that there’s a bully accidental idiosyncratic volition person Covid successful a schoolroom of 20 kids.

California was ever doing amended than Texas and Florida successful per capita deaths, but contiguous the per capita decease rate successful Texas is astir 35 percent higher than California’s. In Florida, it’s 50 percent higher. Those are monolithic differences. If Texas and Florida had California’s per capita decease rate, they would each person 20,000 much radical live today. Forty 1000 lives saved. To me, that’s nontrivial.

For more:

  • Roughly two-thirds of patients who person tested affirmative astatine hospitals tally by Los Angeles County were admitted for thing different than the coronavirus.

  • More than 600 classrooms successful the San Francisco Unified School District were without their teachers oregon aides connected Tuesday, and lone 157 substitutes were available, creating an “unprecedented” unit shortage.

  • A memo sent by a region exigency services bureau to each hospitals said that “capacity is exhausted” astatine San Diego County’s exigency departments. Hospital officials said that the pandemic had near them short-handed and that patients were inundating exigency rooms successful a quest for coronavirus tests.

  • The hubby of a Republican Party person successful Orange County who vocally opposed vaccine mandates said she was unvaccinated erstwhile she died this week aft contracting Covid-19. She was 46.


Credit...Thomas Kienzle/Associated Press

Klete Keller was 1 of the world’s elite freestyle swimmers successful the 2000s, a University of Southern California standout who competed successful 3 Olympics and won 2 golden medals. How, asks The Los Angeles Times, did helium extremity up successful the mob that stormed Congress past Jan. 6?


Credit...Rich Pedroncelli/Associated Press
  • Elizabeth Holmes trial: The laminitis of Theranos was recovered blameworthy of 4 fraud-related charges connected Monday, though a mistrial was declared for three much counts. Here are five takeaways from the trial, arsenic good arsenic an investigation connected wherefore Holmes is inextricably linked to Silicon Valley culture.

  • Drop that hose: It whitethorn person conscionable rained, but drought-wise, it was a driblet successful the bucket. The authorities has imposed caller mandatory h2o restrictions, with fines of up to $500 for hosing down sidewalks oregon utilizing tract sprinklers aft a storm, CalMatters reports.

  • Larry Elder: Elder, a Republican who received the astir votes of 46 challengers to Gavin Newsom successful past year’s failed callback effort, won’t tally again for governor, Politico reports.

  • Mosquitofish, the “fish destroyer”: The mosquitofish, introduced astir a period agone successful California arsenic a solution against mosquitoes, ranks among the world’s worst invasive species, The Vallejo Times-Herald reports.

  • New wildlife preserve: The caller 112-square-mile Randall Preserve creates a wildlife corridor connecting Northern and Southern California, NBC Los Angeles reports.

  • Unclaimed vessel deposit funds: With lone astir 68 percent of purchased bottles and cans recycled, the state’s vessel deposit programme has astir $350 cardinal successful unclaimed nickels and dimes, The San Francisco Chronicle reports.



  • Pandemic lockouts: During the statewide eviction moratorium, implicit a 1000 households crossed the cardinal San Joaquin Valley were displaced, The Fresno Bee reports.

  • Nirvana charges dismissed: A justice has dismissed a suit filed by Spencer Elden, who said helium had been sexually exploited erstwhile the set utilized a photograph of him arsenic a babe for an medium cover.


  • Dixie occurrence blamed connected PG&E: Cal Fire officials person concluded that the second-largest wildfire successful recorded authorities past was sparked by electrical lines owned by Pacific Gas and Electric.

  • Touch of gray: Bill Kreutzmann, the Grateful Dead drummer and founding member, announced “with a dense and inactive recovering heart” that helium volition skip a bid of upcoming Mexico concerts, connected his doctor’s orders.


Credit...Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times

Coconut rice with peas.

Today’s question extremity comes from Bonnie Powell, a scholar who lives successful the Bay Area:

“Bear Valley is simply a tiny colony connected the spine of the Sierra, betwixt Tahoe and Yosemite, that offers each of the quality and splendor but nary of the crowds of those blistery spots. It’s genuinely a hidden gem for outdoorsy people.

The (usually traffic-free) 3.5-hour thrust from the Bay Area takes you consecutive eastbound connected picturesque two-lane Highway 4 done effect and almond orchards and meadows of gnarled oaks, gradually climbing to 7,200 feet with towering pines and redwoods. The downhill skis edifice is tiny but has capable varied terrain to support skiers of each levels blessed — you tin skis down the backmost of the upland close up to your abrogation rental! There are besides miles and miles of top-rated cross-country skis trails. Some radical (like us) person travel to emotion summertime successful Bear Valley adjacent much than winter, for the hiking, upland biking and backpacking successful the Mokelumne oregon Carson-Iceberg wilderness areas, and the swimming and kayaking successful the five-plus lakes and reservoirs that prevarication wrong a 20-minute thrust of Bear Valley.

What’s the catch? There’s lone 1 edifice (the quirky retro Bear Valley Lodge) and conscionable a mates of places to eat, which each adjacent early; the nearest “town” (Arnold) is 30 minutes down the hill.

Those of america who emotion Bear Valley travel for the spectacular quality and the accidental to walk prime clip with our friends and family, not for immoderate metropolis amenities.”

Tell america astir your favourite places to sojourn successful California. Email your suggestions to We’ll beryllium sharing much successful upcoming editions of the newsletter.

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