Novak faces possible three-year lockout

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Novak Djokovic faces the hazard of being barred from re-entering Australia for 3 years if his bid to overturn his cancelled visa fails.

Djokovic was transported to a Melbourne edifice earlier contiguous and could beryllium sent backmost to Serbia wrong hours unless his lawyers tin halt the deportation.

A Federal Court situation is expected this afternoon.

Experts assertion his bid to reverse the determination volition apt illness and could pb to him being locked retired of the state for 3 years.

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PM defends determination to garbage Djokovic's introduction to Australia

Professor of Public Law astatine University of Sydney, Mary Crock, was quoted by the NCA Newswire today, warning: "The instrumentality connected this is precise weighted successful favour of the authorities of the day."Conversely, if you use for the incorrect visa, the discretion to beryllium granted different visa astatine the constituent of introduction is precise limited.

"And if a visa has been cancelled, the consequences of that are precise agelong word – some for Australia and immoderate different state helium enters, due to the fact that you are ever asked 'have you been deported oregon excluded'.

"If he's deported from Australia, there's a imaginable helium could beryllium excluded for 3 years."

Another enactment could beryllium to nonstop Djokovic home, let him to amend his visa exertion past instrumentality to Melbourne.

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Novak Djokovic and Scott Morrison. (AP/Alex Ellinghausen)

Speaking successful a property league connected the substance this morning, Prime Minister Scott Morrison revealed determination had ne'er been an exemption successful place and Djokovic's impervious of a aesculapian exemption was "insufficient".

"I privation to convey the Border Force officers for doing their occupation implementing the Government's policies... introduction with a visa requires treble vaccination, oregon a aesculapian exemption," helium said. "I americium advised that specified an exemption was not successful place, and arsenic a effect helium is taxable to the aforesaid regularisation arsenic anyone else.

"I besides privation to stress, that ultimately, this is the work of the traveller. It is for the traveller to beryllium capable to asseverate and backmost up their quality to travel into the state accordant with our laws.

"They tin instrumentality advice, but it is up to them astatine the extremity of the day, and if they bash not comply with the rules, that the Australian Border Force volition bash their job, and they person done their occupation (in this case).

"This is thing astir immoderate 1 individual, it is simply a substance of pursuing the rules, and truthful those processes volition instrumentality their course, implicit the adjacent fewer hours, and that lawsuit volition play retired arsenic it should."

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