Newspaper Refuses To Call Republican Fraudits Audits

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The Philadelphia Inquirer is refusing to telephone the fraudit efforts by Pennsylvania Republicans an audit.

For weeks, The Inquirer has been refusing to telephone the Republican effort to fraudit the 2020 results an audit:

Starting with this story, we’re adding this container to our sum to explicate wherefore we’re not calling it an audit.

(As with everything, we’ll update arsenic needed, of course.)

— Jonathan Lai 🙊 賴柏羽 (@Elaijuh) September 9, 2021

What Republicans are doing is not an audit.

The fraudit successful Arizona didn’t “confirm” President Biden’s triumph arsenic galore mainstream outlets claimed due to the fact that it wasn’t an audit. Audits are done by authorities and section predetermination officials, not partisan members of a authorities legislature who are not pursuing champion practices erstwhile reviewing ballots.

The question of fraudits is being carried retired by Donald Trump and his minions to undermine democracy.

The 2020 predetermination already was audited successful the plaything states and Joe Biden. This was a known information astir a twelvemonth ago.

Republicans proceed to bushed the fraudit drum due to the fact that these wastes of payer wealth person thing to bash with uncovering the victor of the 2020 election. Everyone already knows that Joe Biden won.

The intent of the fraudit is to laic the groundwork for elector suppression laws that volition instrumentality Trump to power.

The Philadelphia Inquirer knows this and is not playing along.

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