LIVE: Former skipper blasts bowling strategy

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Australia person safely navigated done the openers with Ben Stokes and Mark Wood coming into the attack, portion erstwhile England skipper Michael Vaughan pleaded with his country's bowlers to beryllium much nonstop and aggressive.

"They've got to beryllium honorable with themselves of galore things that they've done incorrect successful this series; selection, the catching, the nary balls, the batting's not been bully enough, but the bowling [especially]," helium said connected Fox Sports' commentary.

"Look astatine that this morning, 8.5 overs successful and we've got 5 balls going connected to deed the stumps," Vaughan said arsenic a graphic flashed up, showing the assortment of deliveries truthful far.

"It's not rather bully enough."

Kerry O'Keeffe pointed retired the repeated occurrence that Jasprit Bumrah had for India by bowling direct.

"Today, they person to people pads and stumps - they've got a wicket with a small spot of give," O'Keeffe said.

"Length fuller, enactment straighter. It's a must."

By Matt Bungard04 Jan 2022 22:25

Good morning, and invited to our unrecorded sum of the 4th Ashes Test - and contempt immoderate precise dreary forecasts, hopefully we tin commencement play successful an hour's clip arsenic planned.

A mates of hours ago, England managing manager Ashley Giles took blasted for the side's performances truthful far, portion praising the resilience of his squad done an highly pugnacious post-COVID period.

"I aboslutely consciousness the work of losing this Ashes series," helium told the BBC.

"We tin lone apologise - I cognize there'll beryllium a batch of emotion, a batch of anger, astir however we've mislaid it. But we cognize it's not an casual spot to come, we can't kid ourselves."

"There's been a batch much going connected successful the past 2 years than conscionable performance."

Giles said that it was much than conscionable performances - citing galore instances of struggling to adjacent get Test bid disconnected the crushed since the coronavirus pandemic, and an accrued magnitude of Tests successful 2021 to marque up for 2020.

"Having 18 scheduled Test matches betwixt January and mid-January is simply a hellhole of a batch of cricket. It's astir 3 times arsenic overmuch arsenic Australia, 50 per cent much than India. It's a immense magnitude of cricket we're playing, and successful a clip of COVID, It's been beauteous horrendous astatine times."

"What these guys person tried to deliver, I deliberation is extraordinary."

Giles said the past 2 years had been the astir challenging of his career, with show taking a backmost spot to logistics and subordinate safety.

"The well-being contented is simply a monolithic one. The magnitude of clip these guys person spent successful bubbles during this play is simply not healthy. You guys would person done it, but it's not healthy.

"But I'll archer you what, I'm highly arrogant of however they spell astir it."

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