Legend's fury as 'boofheads' hijack grand final

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Rugby league fable Mark Geyer has urged the Melbourne "boofheads" caught successful a fishy video this week to travel cleanable and talk publically successful an effort to crook attraction backmost connected the NRL expansive final.

Footage emerged yesterday allegedly showing Storm players successful a country wherever determination was a achromatic substance connected a table. The players person since been identified arsenic Cameron Munster and Brandon Smith.

The quality broke lone hours earlier Tom Trbojevic was crowned the Dally M Medallist connected Monday, and present the communicative threatens to hijack the lead-up to Penrith and South Sydney's expansive last connected Sunday.

The video besides surfaced lone 24 hours aft Warriors teen Reece Walsh admitted to being caught with cocaine by Queensland Police connected Saturday night.

Gallen's informing to NRL stars amid caller scandal

The NRL integrity portion is present investigating some incidents. The Storm released a little statement but the players successful question are yet to talk publicly.

"It pisses maine off, successful the biggest and champion week connected our NRL calendar that each we're talking astir immoderate hijinks disconnected the field," Geyer told Triple M's Rush Hour.

"With Walsh, helium fell connected his sword. Now the rehabilitation and acquisition tin commencement its process. He's a kid, I'm not sticking up for him successful immoderate way... but the information helium came retired publically and owned it is simply a mode to commencement the healing already.

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"As for the different 2 boofheads, it's precise un-Storm like. It's precise un-Storm similar to beryllium successful this situation.

"They pridefulness themselves connected being truly covert, and they don't usually fto things similar this gaffe out.

NRL prima explains arrest

"I don't attraction what players bash successful their down time. But however anserine to fto idiosyncratic successful your interior sanctum... person a camera out. Like travel on.

"Every phone, arsenic we ever speech about, is simply a loaded gun. And nary substance what we find retired astir what these substances were, the information we're each talking astir it erstwhile we should person been talking astir the Dally M past night, we're talking astir it contiguous erstwhile we should beryllium pumping up the expansive last week, is truthful selfish.

"They've fto themselves, their fans, and their nine down. As soon arsenic they marque a statement, similar Reece Walsh, the quicker we tin determination connected and commencement healing."

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