Leading NRL coach's worrying COVID prediction

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NRL coaches expect to beryllium without betwixt 3 and six players each play of the 2022 season arsenic the COVID Omicron variant sweeps crossed the country.

Several clubs are already feeling the effects of the virus, with ample numbers of players and unit incapable to resume grooming aft the Christmas interruption this week.

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Club's successful Sydney's westbound - the Panthers, Tigers and Eels, person been among the hardest hit, prompting the dire prediction from coaches.

"We person been talking among a fewer of the coaches and aesculapian staffs and we reckon we volition person to beryllium without 3 to six players astir weekends if the existent inclination continues," 1 starring manager told Wide World of Sports.

The Panthers person been 1 of the hardest deed clubs. (Getty)

"That volition beryllium a operation of players who really person COVID and those who are deemed adjacent contacts.

"It's going to truly enactment a strain connected each clubs but this is the caller satellite we are surviving in."

Since the Omicron variant reared its disfigured caput precocious past year, a big of sports person been deed hard worldwide.

Seventeen English Premier League matches were postponed successful November and December, with much to come.

The EPL has brought successful a regularisation that if clubs person 14 acceptable outfield players and a goalkeeper, they should play - but cases are assessed connected an idiosyncratic basis.

The NRL has brought successful strict protocols to forestall players from catching the virus, but with Sydney averaging implicit 20,000 caller cases a day, it seems conscionable a substance of clip earlier the codification volition beryllium successful crisis.

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