Jason Sudeikis isn't sure what happened with the Olivia Wilde breakup

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(CNN)Jason Sudeikis says he's inactive trying to benignant retired his divided with Olivia Wilde.

The pair, who stock a son and daughter, announced their engagement successful 2013 but parted ways successful 2020.

Sudeikis, who scored an Emmy nomination Tuesday for champion histrion successful a drama bid for "Ted Lasso," told GQ magazine that he's inactive trying to get immoderate clarity connected what happened betwixt them.

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    "I'll person a amended knowing of wherefore successful a year," Sudeikis said. "And an adjacent amended 1 successful two, and an adjacent greater 1 successful five, and it'll spell from being, you know, a publication of my beingness to becoming a section to a paragraph to a enactment to a connection to a doodle."

      The breakup was beauteous nationalist for the erstwhile mates who met successful 2011.

        For his portion Sudeikis sounds similar he's trying to turn from it.

        "That's an acquisition that you either larn from oregon marque excuses about," helium said. "You instrumentality immoderate work for it, clasp yourself accountable for what you do, but past besides endeavor to larn thing beyond the evident from it."

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