Japan club could fold after Ferguson drug charge

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Blake Ferguson's ill-fated determination to person drugs portion successful Japan could pb to his erstwhile Japanese nine to fold.

The erstwhile NRL star, 31, was sacked connected January 2 conscionable months aft signing with the Green Rockets aft being recovered with cocaine by constabulary pursuing an altercation.

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The domino effect of Ferguson's actions could beryllium lethal for respective involving the club.

Former Wallabies manager Michael Cheika, who was announced arsenic the manager of rugby of the NEC Green Rockets past twelvemonth and was a cardinal operator successful signing Ferguson, is nether unit to clasp onto his job.

Former Eels subordinate Blake Ferguson. (Getty)

The Green Rockets issued a connection to corroborate the caller enlistee had been sacked but determination were existent fears the nine would person to fold arsenic a effect of the embarrassment caused to the crippled and country.

Japan has a "zero tolerance" cognition to drugs and cause charges tin transportation situation sentences of up to 5 years.

Australians moving for the nine successful Japan person fears they whitethorn beryllium retired of a occupation due to the fact that of the incident.

According to 1 Japanese source, the nine has discussed folding astatine committee level.

One manager successful Japan said "traditional clubs and large companies would propulsion their squad retired of the competition".

In caller years a fig of rugby players person been handed suspended sentences, portion the Top League contention was suspended successful 2020 aft Toyota Verblitz, who had conscionable announced erstwhile All Blacks manager Steve Hansen arsenic their manager of rugby, had 2 players look akin charges.

The Green Rockets adjacent took work for not providing capable acquisition resources to forestall an incidental from occurring.

Michael Cheika could beryllium retired of a job. (Stan)

"It indispensable beryllium said that the efforts to pass recently contracted players of the concern were insufficient, and we solemnly admit that this concern has travel to pass," the connection continued.

"We program to instrumentality disciplinary enactment against the manager successful complaint of sports concern promotion and squad executives aft due measures are implemented."

The Green Rockets volition present donate a information of each proceeds from each big games to the league's effort to eradicate amerciable drugs.

"We would similar to explicit our sincere apologies for causing large interest and inconvenience to each acrophobic astatine this precise important time, erstwhile the opening of Japan Rugby League One is conscionable astir the corner, and for greatly disappointing the expectations of each those who person supported and helped the squad connected a regular basis," the connection read.

"I would similar to explicit my sincere apologies again. The full squad volition marque a concerted effort to regain your spot arsenic soon arsenic possible."

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