Into The Pit Demo Available Now

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If you're funny astir playing Into The Pit, the Doom-like, spellcasting roguelike announced during Xbox's Gamescom property event; a new limited-time demo has been made disposable connected the Humble Store. 

Into The Pit puts you successful bid of a mystic connected the hunt for occult powers. When the subordinate character's cousin, Luridia, discovers the titular pit successful a village, she finds it afloat of demonic power, causing them to halt sending letters. It's up to the subordinate to get to the bottommost of what precisely happened.  

Judging by Into The Pit's trailer, developer Nullpointer Games is taking dense inspiration from the Doom bid – peculiarly the assertive and fast-paced gameplay of Doom (2016) and its sequel, Doom Eternal. However, alternatively of guns, players dart astir casting spells and assorted powers. 

Into The Pit volition beryllium released for Xbox consoles and PC connected October 19. The game's caller demo is disposable present for PC players via Steam. It's lone retired for a constricted time, though the demo's property merchandise and its Humble Store listing don't specify precisely erstwhile the demo volition beryllium taken down. We've reached retired for clarification and volition update the communicative should we perceive back. 

Check retired the Into The Pit demo here.

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