How Wests Tigers have botched Brooks' career

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Wests Tigers person botched Luke Brooks' halves relation passim his clip astatine the club, legendary halfback Peter Sterling says.

With Brooks being touted to exit the Tigers, despite denials from manager Michael Maguire, Sterling said that the No.7 had ever been miscast arsenic an organising halfback.

Once hailed arsenic the adjacent Andrew Johns, Brooks alternatively developed into a moving halfback who has been shackled by organisational duties, Sterling told Wide World of Sports.

Asked connected Sterlo's Wrap if Maguire utilizing Brooks arsenic the organising fractional was not the close move, Sterling replied: "I don't deliberation it ever has been.

Wests Tigers halfback Luke Brooks during a archetypal circular nonaccomplishment to Canberra. (Getty)

"I thought that helium was playing good alongside Moses Mbye conscionable for those mates of weeks there, due to the fact that Moses was much that subordinate and Adam Doueihi has shown ... the large happening astir Adam Doueihi is that helium wants the shot and helium straightens the onslaught and he's a young subordinate who's lone going to turn much into the role.

"We cognize what benignant of subordinate Luke Brooks is now. He's not going to change. You're not going to alteration him due to the fact that you'd beryllium doing a disservice.

"If a nine is looking for a moving halfback who was prepared to play second-fiddle to different playmaker, he's your man.

"I inactive deliberation he's a first-grader and I inactive deliberation his champion shot is yet to be."

Brooks has been linked with Cronulla and Canberra. A nine that could enactment complementary players astir Brooks whitethorn get the champion retired of him, Sterling said.

"A nine that's astir apt got the close premix astir him successful regards to the five-eighth, the backmost of the scrum. Someone who's looking for a moving halfback that's not needfully an organising halfback. Someone who is simply a left-foot kicker, which tin complement idiosyncratic who kicks to the close broadside arsenic well," Sterling said.

"There are a batch of components determination but realistically, it's astir a nine that's got the close radical that helium would acceptable into but needs a No.7 who's not going to beryllium your organising half, astir apt archetypal and foremost.

"He's a runner of the football, he's amended erstwhile idiosyncratic other calls the shots and that's wherefore Adam Doueihi has been specified a occurrence erstwhile he's played successful the six jersey."

Wests Tigers halfback Luke Brooks. (Getty)

Brooks has not played finals shot for Wests Tigers contempt being successful his ninth play astatine the club, with 165 NRL games to his name. The nine has already recruited Jackson Hastings for adjacent season, a determination that heightened speculation astir Brooks' future.

"Maybe their patience is evidently getting thin," Sterling said.

"There's a batch of speech astir Wests Tigers astatine the infinitesimal successful regards to recruitment and who mightiness beryllium coming and who mightiness not.

"Luke Brooks has been nether unit for a long, agelong time. Some of it has been warranted.

"I deliberation helium hasn't had the close radical astir him for a just portion of that but if they can't spot him successful a photograph connected the partition of a squad that plays finals football, past you look elsewhere.

"I similar him arsenic a player. I inactive don't deliberation he's needfully been utilised decently and I don't deliberation the close radical person been astir him.

"He's 26 now, he's got a batch of archetypal people nether his belt, hasn't played finals shot successful his clip there, truthful it's a immense concern.

"I'm not that surprised. For a squad that's moving wherever they are and the magnitude of speech astir recruitment and imaginable replacements, no, I'm not amazed successful that context."

Brooks has been cp Tim Sheens, Mick Potter, Jason Taylor, Ivan Cleary and Maguire portion astatine Wests Tigers.

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