'Frustrated' Gallen's warning for opponent

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Paul Gallen is disappointed his combat with erstwhile NRL enforcer Darcy Lussick volition play retired implicit 3 two-minute rounds.

But the one-time Sharks skipper guarantees viewers volition inactive beryllium treated to a show.

Gallen volition look Lussick astatine Sydney's Star Event Centre connected December 22.

Lussick is simply a replacement combatant for Manly guardant Josh Aloiai, whose bout with Gallen was cancelled past period aft Aloiai contracted COVID-19.

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"It's frustrating but astatine the extremity of the time it's astir entertainment," Gallen told foxsports.com.au.

"People privation to spot footy players punch each other, they can't bash it connected the tract anymore truthful they get to spot america bash it successful the ring.

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"If radical privation to whinge and transportation connected astir it they tin bash that but astatine the extremity of the time it conscionable gives Paul Gallen haters a crushed to springiness it to me.

"It's astir being entertained and I'll beryllium getting the occupation done, there's nary uncertainty astir that.

"The full happening is beauteous frustrating for me. But I've got nary uncertainty I'll triumph the combat and I'll bash it successful immoderate mode necessary."

Despite a tallness shortage of 13cm, Gallen (11-1) is not troubled by his rival's "much bigger" scope advantage. After 348 rugby league games and an awesome boxing career, Gallen developed his forbearance.

"My full career, everyone has been bigger than me. It's going to travel down to boxing quality and I've got the borderline there," helium said.

"He's going to beryllium looking for a large changeable and hopefully if helium lands it helium doesn't onshore it excessively clean, but I've got nary uncertainty we're some going to get hit.

"I played footy astatine the apical for 19 years truthful I accidental I've got a decent symptom threshold.

"It's conscionable astir competing."

Paul Gallen looks connected during a property conference. (Getty)

Despite the precocious notice, Lussick didn't hesitate successful taking the combat to Gallen.

"I'm astir apt not going to outbox him with his acquisition truthful I'm conscionable going to person to spell successful determination and person a red-hot ace and spot what happens," helium said.

"People accidental what they privation astir him but he's tough, helium was the toughest successful rugby league and he's pugnacious successful boxing - 2 of the hardest sports retired there.

"You don't get paid (to fight) successful footy. You conscionable get suspended.

"So I'm getting a bully paycheque conscionable earlier Christmas and I get to bash thing that I've wanted to bash for a while."

With 3 fights remaining connected his contract, Gallen remains unsure however agelong his boxing vocation volition continue.

"It's excessively hard to foretell what I'm going to bash oregon successful what discourse for me," helium said.

"This full happening has conscionable been frustrating, conscionable trying to bash my champion and get done the combat and bask Christmas, that's what it's each about.

"I've conscionable got to bask the combat and get paid."

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