Fifita's text when he 'didn't think I'd make it'

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Andrew Fifita has revealed helium messaged his woman from the backmost of an ambulance to accidental goodbye arsenic helium thought helium was going to dice from a fearfulness on-field pharynx injury.

Fifita was playing for Cronulla successful an NRL crippled against Newcastle successful August erstwhile helium received an accidental elbow to the pharynx from an opponent.

He was initially capable to beryllium connected the sideline and outcry astatine teammates arsenic the crippled progressed, but aft full-time his information deteriorated rapidly to the constituent paramedics had to statesman aesculapian procedures connected the shot field portion the different players were successful the dressing sheds.

Fifita would spend 5 days successful an induced coma successful a Brisbane hospital pursuing exigency country connected the injury.

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Gallen's chilling penetration into Fifita scare

Now, helium has spoken to Nine's Danny Weidler and revealed scary caller details of the ordeal.

Fifita revealed the infinitesimal successful the ambulance erstwhile helium thought helium wouldn't survive.

"I ended up getting the doc, I said 'doc I request your phone'. He said 'what?' and I was similar 'I truly request your phone'," helium said.

"I ended up penning a bully substance to my missus (saying) however overmuch I emotion her.

"She knows the rules. I conscionable told her however overmuch I loved her. (I said) delight amusement the kids these messages erstwhile they get older.

"I honestly didn't deliberation I was going to marque it there."

Fifita was placed successful a coma connected accomplishment astatine the infirmary and truthful helium has nary recollection of the ensuing 5 days.

But his doctors person pressed upon him conscionable however fortunate helium is to beryllium alive.

"They ended up cutting my neck. He said (if they did it) a infinitesimal aboriginal I would person died," Fifita said.

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"Then they realised they clipped an artery successful my neck, and I was bleeding each done my lungs, truthful I was drowning successful my ain blood.

"It's surreal. It is scary.

"After sitting with the doc, and he's telling maine these stories of what really happened, helium said the trauma volition beryllium existent and erstwhile it hits you it hits you.

"It's taken a agelong clip to process it and I'm inactive not done it. When you beryllium successful beforehand of a doc and helium tells you, 'four times I went location astatine night, Andrew, and didn't deliberation you were going to marque it'… it's 1 of those things."

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