Eagle addresses explosive on-field spat with teammate

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Star West Coast midfielder Elliott Yeo has addressed his explosive on-field spat with teammate Jeremy McGovern during Monday's daze nonaccomplishment to the last-placed North Melbourne, insisting "we some privation the champion retired of each other".

The incidental occurred successful the 2nd 4th of the Perth Stadium fixture, erstwhile a determination from McGovern to permission North Melbourne ruckman Todd Goldstein unfastened connected a helping prompted Yeo to unleash.

McGovern turned his backmost connected Goldstein and jogged into the Eagles' antiaircraft 50, leaving the seasoned Kangaroo to instrumentality an unpressured people disconnected a Jaidyn Stephenson kick. West Coast's Tim Kelly past gave distant a 50-metre escaped footwear and Goldstein slotted the acceptable shot.

McGovern's determination to permission his hostile near Yeo seething, the dual All-Australian firing heated words, throwing his arms successful the aerial and pointing his finger.

Two days aft the Eagles fell to a 3rd nonaccomplishment successful succession successful a 10-point decision to the Roos, Yeo opened up connected his feisty clash with McGovern.

Star West Coast Eagles midfielder Elliott Yeo. (Getty)

"We're some highly passionate players, we some emotion to triumph games of shot and we some privation the champion retired of each other," Yeo said connected vigor presumption 96FM.

"There's 2 ways you tin look astatine it: a batch of radical mightiness deliberation it's demonstrative but different radical mightiness deliberation it's large feedback. There's evidently 2 sides to everything.

"I consciousness that Gov is 1 of those players who tin instrumentality that criticism. We've some talked astir it and moved connected and we've some realised that we request to get better."

The Eagles' nonaccomplishment to the rebuilding Roos followed a 55-point thumping astatine the hands of the Western Bulldogs and a 92-point humiliation astatine the hands of the Swans.

The horrid tally of signifier of Adam Simpson's men has near immoderate experts penning disconnected West Coast's emblem aspirations, adjacent successful the lawsuit of the 2018 premiers scraping into the apical eight.

North Melbourne's Tristan Xerri lays a thumping tackle connected West Coast's Jeremy McGovern. (Getty)

"I hatred losing and particularly astatine location successful beforehand of our fans; it hurts that small spot more," Yeo said.

"We are not successful a bully spot astatine the moment. The lone mode we tin get retired of it is done hard work. We're going to get better, we are up for the fight.

"We're astir apt not successful the spot that we'd similar to beryllium confidence-wise.

"The lone happening that we tin bash to alteration that is triumph games of footy and besides to bid highly hard."

Yeo is awaiting scans aft injuring his ankle during the 4th fourth of the crippled against North Melbourne, placing him successful uncertainty for Sunday's lucifer against Adelaide astatine Adelaide Oval.

"I had a scan yesterday truthful I volition beryllium uncovering retired today. I'm walking astir connected it good astatine the moment," Yeo said.

"I'll hold to spot what the doctors say. I conscionable tweaked my ankle a mates of times."

West Coast depart the tract aft the upset 10-point nonaccomplishment to North Melbourne. (Getty)

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