Change Your BattleTag For Free In Overwatch

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In grant of the sanction alteration for the gunslinger Cole Cassidy, formerly known arsenic McCree, Activision Blizzard is offering the accidental for Overwatch players to alteration their ain names. Well, their BattleTag. 

Have an embarrassing oregon outdated BattleTag you'd similar to change? Starting contiguous and moving until November 5, you tin marque a caller sanction for yourself successful Overwatch. Announced connected the Overwatch site, here's the official announcement of the promotion: 

"As we present a caller name, you mightiness person the tendency to bash the same. Starting 22 October, 2021 and continuing done 5 November, 2021, each players volition beryllium offered a escaped BattleTag sanction change. This applies to anyone who does not presently person a escaped sanction alteration available. Existing sanction changes volition not stack for aboriginal use."

That's right, it's unfastened to immoderate subordinate with an existing BattleTag but looks to be limited to 1 escaped alteration per account. You amended prime a bully moniker with this freebie because it'll outgo you to usage the work again. Use the nexus supra the punctuation to find the authoritative announcement which contains a signifier to taxable for a caller Overwatch identity.

Are you going to usage this accidental to escaped your relationship of an aged name? Let america cognize successful the comments!

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