Biden Administration Is Still Struggling to Care for Migrant Children

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Conditions astatine shelters lodging unaccompanied minors apprehended astatine the borderline person improved since aboriginal outpouring but are inactive drafting harsh criticism.

Unaccompanied children waiting to talk  with Border Patrol agents aft  crossing the Rio Grande into Roma, Texas, past  month. Four exigency  shelters acceptable   up   by the Biden medication  for migrant children stay  successful  operation.
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Eileen Sullivan

Aug. 6, 2021Updated 7:51 p.m. ET

At an exigency structure successful the Texas desert, migrant teenagers are housed successful long, wide trailers, with small abstraction for recreation and not overmuch to bash during the blistery summertime days, according to lawyers and different advocates for the children who person visited them there.

Some of the children accidental they tin hold much than a period earlier gathering with idiosyncratic who tin assistance link them with a household subordinate oregon different sponsor wrong the United States. Some study episodes of nutrient poisoning and accidental they person to lavation their apparel successful a bath sink.

In 1 case, 2 siblings astatine the shelter, a erstwhile campy for lipid workers successful Pecos, Texas, were fixed antithetic lawsuit managers by the government. One sibling was reunited with their mother. The different was near down successful the structure and remains there, according to a lawyer who has visited the shelter.

The surviving conditions for migrant children who get unaccompanied successful the United States and are taken into custody look to person improved since the aboriginal spring, erstwhile images of them crammed into Customs and Border Protection facilities drew disapproval from astir the world.

But accounts from radical who are capable to sojourn the exigency shelters — wherever the children are sent portion awaiting the accidental to beryllium released to household members, friends oregon better-equipped state-run facilities — suggest that the Biden medication and the backstage contractors hired to tally the facilities are inactive struggling to supply consistently bully attraction for the children.

The Pecos shelter, which houses astir 800 teenagers, is 1 of 4 remaining of the much than a twelve the Biden medication acceptable up this outpouring to code the bonzer fig of migrant children arriving unsocial astatine the borderline with Mexico.

The Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees the shelters, conscionable extended the Pecos declaration to support the installation unfastened astatine slightest done November, and is considering plans to commencement lodging younger children determination arsenic well, according to federal declaration data.

The department’s interior watchdog opened an investigation this week into reports of substandard conditions and attraction astatine different of the remaining exigency facilities, the ample structure astatine the Fort Bliss subject basal successful El Paso. More than fractional of the thousands of migrant children presently successful exigency shelters are held astatine Pecos and Fort Bliss, according to interior information obtained by The New York Times.

The section did not respond to questions astir the Pecos shelter. Xavier Becerra, the wellness and quality services secretary, visited the Fort Bliss structure astatine the extremity of June and said conditions had improved.

The authorities mostly bars extracurricular scrutiny of the exigency shelters, citing the pandemic and the privateness of the children, galore of whom fled unit and poorness successful their ain countries to travel to the United States. But immoderate lawyers and others who enactment to assistance the children get entree to the facilities, and their descriptions of the conditions assistance to soma retired what beingness is similar there.

Jonathan Ryan, a lawyer with Raices, a nonprofit enactment successful Texas that provides escaped ineligible services to migrants, said successful a connection to The Times that the children helium met with felt “confined, distressed and similar they are being punished.”

Another lawyer said the authorities had focused connected moving the children retired of the borderline facilities and into exigency shelters acceptable up swiftly to location them. But it had not acted with the aforesaid consciousness of urgency astir getting the children retired of the exigency shelters.

The shelters were built to beryllium impermanent spaces wherever young migrants could beryllium cared for aft what was often a traumatic travel and their archetypal apprehension by Customs and Border Protection. But the mean enactment successful the shelters has been implicit a month.

“It’s each astir preventing” a backup of children successful borderline presumption facilities, wherever they are expected to beryllium held lone up to 72 hours, said Leecia Welch, a lawyer and the elder manager of the ineligible advocacy and kid payment signifier astatine the National Center for Youth Law. “No 1 seems to attraction overmuch astir the unsafe conditions we are sending the children to unrecorded successful for months.”

Under a 1997 colony decree, known arsenic the Flores case, Ms. Welch and her colleagues inspect facilities holding children to show the government’s compliance with the agreement, which guarantees protections for migrant children held successful authorities custody. Her enactment visited the Pecos structure successful June and July.

The Health and Human Services Department has been responsive to aboriginal concerns raised astir the shelters by advocates and lawmakers. It closed 2 shelters not agelong aft they opened successful April due to the fact that of alarming conditions. And aft concerns were raised astir the abstraction astatine Fort Bliss, the section started to bounds the fig of children sent there.


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The Biden medication has besides managed to spot much children successful state-licensed shelters wherever the standards of attraction are typically acold amended than what the exigency shelters offer.

On Aug. 4, determination were a small much than 4,300 children successful exigency shelters and astir 10,100 successful shelters with higher standards for care, according to authorities figures. On May 4, determination were much than 13,000 children successful exigency shelters and astir 9,000 successful the shelters with amended care.

In June, the Biden medication started offering Covid-19 vaccinations to consenting children ages 12 and older, a spokeswoman said. And it much than doubled the fig of lawsuit managers — a child’s summons to being reunited with a household subordinate oregon placed with different sponsor wrong the United States — earlier this spring.

But adjacent an authoritative from the wellness and quality services bureau that oversees the attraction acknowledged to a national justice successful June that determination were not capable lawsuit managers to accelerate the harmless merchandise of the children. Children should conscionable with a lawsuit manager erstwhile a week, the section said.

Alberto, a 17-year-old from Guatemala, said helium spent a period astatine the Pecos structure earlier helium met with a lawsuit manager. (Alberto is his mediate name, which The Times agreed to usage to support his anonymity.)

In a caller interview, arranged by Raices, which is providing him ineligible services, Alberto described being locked successful his two-person country for astir of the 40 days helium was astatine Pecos. He said helium could not permission connected his own. Staff members fto him retired for meals, humble recreation, English classes and a five-minute telephone telephone each 8 days with his aunt, whom helium planned to unrecorded with erstwhile helium got to the United States.

He said helium felt arsenic if helium was successful a “cage,” a connection that has been utilized to describe the conditions of the Border Patrol holding stations successful the past erstwhile they were overflowing with migrant children.

When Alberto got to the United States connected May 30, helium spent 1 time astatine a borderline facility, a clip play good nether the 72-hour maximum allowed by law. He said the agents determination were kinder to him than the unit members astatine Pecos — 1 Border Patrol cause gave him apples, helium said.

At Pecos, helium said, helium tracked the days by watching tv successful his room. He would spot roommates rotate successful and out, arsenic they were agreed with household members oregon different sponsors. Not everyone astatine the structure had to beryllium locked successful their rooms, helium said, adding, “They didn’t dainty everybody the same.”

Some days, helium said, helium felt bittersweet and cried and regretted leaving Guatemala, wherever helium said helium feared for his beingness due to the fact that helium was resisting recruitment from transgression gangs.

“It didn’t look similar determination was going to beryllium an exit, and it made maine consciousness precise desperate,” helium said.


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This was the lawsuit for others astatine the Pecos structure arsenic well, Mr. Ryan said successful his statement. Most, helium said, were distressed astir their cases and the deficiency of connection with officials astir erstwhile they would beryllium capable to leave.

Mr. Ryan said helium had been moving with migrant children, mostly those who are detained successful Texas, for much than a decade, visiting astir Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention centers and shelters tally by the Health and Human Services Department successful the state.

The conditions astatine the Pecos shelter, helium said, are “among the harshest and astir restrictive of any” structure helium has visited.

The erstwhile 2 administrations besides faced these challenges in 2014 and again in 2019, erstwhile akin criticisms were levied. But erstwhile the fig of children arriving unsocial connected the confederate borderline doubled betwixt February and March this year, Mr. Biden’s squad was caught unprepared without capable places to decently location them, successful portion due to the fact that of Trump-era cutbacks arsenic good arsenic pandemic-driven nationalist wellness restrictions.

Administration officials person pledged to supply the champion attraction imaginable to the children and said it was the extremity to get the children retired of national custody and safely placed with a sponsor arsenic rapidly arsenic possible.

“And present we’re conscionable benignant of waiting for them” to marque bully connected that promise, said Wendy Young, the president of the children’s advocacy enactment Kids successful Need of Defense.

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