Another Likely Trump Supporter Nailed For Voter Fraud At The Villages

2 years ago 482

Charles Barnes was charged with elector fraud successful Florida aft it was recovered that the nonmigratory of The Villages voted doubly successful the 2020 election.

WFTV reported, “Another nonmigratory of The Villages is accused of casting much than 1 ballot successful an election. Charles Barnes, 64, was arrested Tuesday connected a complaint of fraud for casting much than 1 ballot.”

Barnes voted successful some Florida and Connecticut successful the 2020 election, and helium is present the 4th nonmigratory of The Villages to beryllium charged with elector fraud. Each of the 3 erstwhile residents were Trump voters, and determination is nary grounds to suggest that Barnes was immoderate different.

At immoderate point, the question needs to beryllium investigated arsenic to whether determination was a coordinated crippled to perpetrate elector fraud astatine the nation’s largest status community?

Despite Republican claims that Democrats cheated successful the 2020 election, the radical who are getting arrested for elector fraud are Trump supporters.

Many Americans person wondered however Trump got much than 70 cardinal votes. The reply that is staring the state successful the look is that Trump supporters cheated.

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