Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise Paid DLC Announced, Launching Next Month

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Nintendo has announced the Happy Home Paradise enlargement for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a paid DLC launching adjacent period connected November 5. 

This DLC was announced during today’s New Horizons direct, which brought with it tons of details astir the game’s past large escaped update. Happy Home Paradise brings an archipelago to New Horizons that volition service arsenic your villager’s tract of work. There, you’ll enactment arsenic a Paradise Planning decorator coordinating “dream lifestyles” for different villagers successful the game. 

Basically, you’ll beryllium designing imagination abrogation homes for radical connected the archipelago. This includes helping them plan their home’s exterior, their interior, their yards, their fences, their everything – if you’ve ever wanted to plan much than conscionable your own home, this enlargement is for you. 

The extremity is to marque your lawsuit blessed with their abrogation home. You tin bash this by modifying the play and clip of time to acceptable their personality, and past you’ll request to plan their location accordingly. You tin partition walls to make caller spaces wrong already-existing rooms, and you tin besides adhd counters, pillars, and more. Players tin incorporated antithetic soundscapes to wrapper up the full plan into 1 cleanable harmonious surviving space, too. 

Another diagnostic coming with Happy Home Paradise is the quality to polish items. Sometimes this simply cleans them up, but different times, it mightiness make a caller effect for that item. For example, polishing immoderate flowers mightiness bring butterflies to them. 

Nintendo says caller furnishings volition beryllium unlocked arsenic you play the expansion, and it volition beryllium up to you to periodically cheque successful connected vacationers whose homes you designed to spot if immoderate of the newly-unlocked furnishings mightiness beryllium a acceptable for them. This seems indispensable to support the lawsuit happy. 

Some characters mightiness privation a installation alternatively than a imagination home. Nintendo showcased schools, restaurants, and classrooms arsenic examples of these imaginable facilities. Plus, you tin usage the Happy Home Network to sojourn erstwhile clients' homes and cheque retired the designs of players from astir the world. Using an online connection, you tin adjacent presumption their designs for inspiration. 

Some of the Happy Home Paradise features tin beryllium brought location to your ain island, too. For example, plan techniques specified arsenic the usage of pillars oregon partition walls tin beryllium utilized successful your ain home. Plus, you tin bring souvenirs backmost from your enactment archipelago to springiness to your neighbors, and implicit time, they’ll turn much and much funny until they 1 time inquire you to plan their imagination abrogation home. 

Happy Home Paradise launches connected November 5, the aforesaid time arsenic the past large escaped update for New Horizons launches. Head to Game Informer’s breakdown of that caller update for much details. Happy Home Paradise tin beryllium purchased for $24.99, or, for those that subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online’s caller enlargement pack, the DLC volition beryllium included. Nintendo besides revealed the terms of its caller Nintendo Switch Online enlargement pack, and details astir that tin beryllium recovered here.

Will you beryllium picking up the Happy Home Designer DLC? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

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