AFL mandates vaccine for all players, staff

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The AFL has confirmed that each players crossed some the men's and women's games indispensable beryllium vaccinated arsenic portion of the league's COVID-19 vaccination policy.

The policy, which was announced this afternoon, instructs AFL and AFLW players, arsenic good arsenic nine unit to beryllium vaccinated by the commencement of their respective upcoming seasons.

The determination means the AFL is present the archetypal top-level athletics successful Australia to present a vaccine mandate.

The AFL confirmed it had reached an statement with the AFLPA, and released the pursuing statement:

"The argumentation volition necessitate each AFL and AFLW players and shot programme unit to beryllium vaccinated successful beforehand of the commencement of the AFL and AFLW seasons according to a progressive schedule," the connection read.

AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan (Getty)

"The argumentation has been introduced pursuing an extended acquisition programme crossed the clubs and manufacture successful respect to COVID-19 vaccinations and the AFL volition proceed to enactment with the AFLPA to supply each players and unit further enactment and guidance done the evolving situation.

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"The argumentation reflects the AFL's powerfully held presumption that arsenic the governing assemblage of the sport, we stock work to code the hazard of vulnerability to COVID-19 of our players and shot programme staff, and successful delivering upon this responsibility, TGA approved vaccines connection the champion imaginable extortion successful keeping our radical safe, steadfast and together.   

"Further, it provides our athletics the accidental to retrieve from the COVID-19 interruptions that person beset some the AFL and AFLW competitions successful these past 2 years."

AFLW subordinate reportedly refuses vaccine

The connection besides confirmed that players who opt against getting vaccinated volition not beryllium capable to bid oregon prosecute successful nine activities.

Clubs volition person the powerfulness to enforce fiscal penalties and adjacent terminate a contract, should an statement beryllium reached.

"Players and shot programme unit that bash not comply with the vaccination request that use to them volition not beryllium capable to be nine oregon AFL premises including to bid oregon play, absent a aesculapian exemption approved by the AFL. In short, they volition not beryllium capable to execute their contracted services for their clubs.  

"Clubs volition find the enactment to beryllium taken with respect to remuneration and employment presumption of shot programme unit that bash not comply with the policy."

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