6 Pointers for Picking the Best Jewelers Chicago Jewelry For Your Look: Earrings

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6 Tips For Choosing Best Jewelers Chicago Earrings Jewelry For Your Look


Choosing earrings is one of the most challenging aspects of jewelry shopping from best jewelers chicago. There are so many different styles, shapes and colors to choose from. It can be hard to know where to start when looking at jewelry. In this article we will explain how to choose the right pair of earrings for your face shape, features and outfit.

Skin tone

Whether you're looking for a pair of gold studs or a delicate pearl, gold and silver are the most versatile metals to choose. These elements work well with all skin tones and can be used in any color scheme. Brightly colored earrings tend to look best on fair skin tones, while darker earrings will work well on darker complexion. If you have a light complexion, you can wear almost any color!

If your style matches this rule, then go ahead and invest in some new accessories that complement your wardrobe without overwhelming it too much (if at all).

Face shape

If you have a round face, consider earrings with more length. These types of earrings will help elongate your features and create balance between the size of your face and body.

If you have a square-shaped face, consider small sized studs that can accentuate the features of your face while still being proportional to its shape.

Additionally, it is important that any piece of jewelry jewelry chicago diamond district worn on the body should be proportionate to one’s own shape as well as style preferences; otherwise, it may end up looking awkward or out-of-place depending on what else one wears at any given time

The Best Jewelers: Six Tips Chicago Earrings: Fashion Jewelry

Face features

If you have a round face, consider wearing earrings that are longer and narrower. They will complement your face shape and make it appear more oval.

If you have a long face, consider wearing earrings that are shorter and wider. This will make your eyes pop out more and draw attention away from the rest of the face by creating an illusion of height.

If you have a square face, consider wearing earrings that are longer and wider as this will emphasize any neckline or cleavage area which could otherwise be understated in comparison to other styles like danglers or chokers (which tend to be more popular with women with square faces).

Neck length

If you have a long neck, it’s best to wear long necklaces or pendants. If you have a short neck, it is also possible to wear shorter pieces of jewelry such as rings or bracelets. The same goes for medium-length necks—you can wear both types of necklaces!

In addition to the length of your necklace, consider how much space there is between them and what type of style they are: choker-style? Side cutout? Beaded? These factors will affect whether or not certain styles work well with your face shape and body type.

Neck width

When it comes to selecting the right earrings jewelry stores in chicago for your look, you should think about the size of your neck. If you have a small or medium-sized neck, then a wide necklace will look great on you while a narrow necklace will accentuate its fullness. If however, you are unsure about what size to go with when choosing an earring necklace set, then there is nothing stopping from buying one that is slightly too large and tucking it into place with some sort of headband or clip!


Dangling earrings are best for medium to long hair. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, try dangling earrings that hang right below your jawline and can be worn with a ponytail or clip.

Chandelier earrings are best if you have straight, short hair that needs some extra attention when it comes to style. These types of earrings match well with bobs and other styles that require some level of maintenance.

Pearl drop earrings are ideal for people who have longer locks because they will help elongate them without making them look thick or heavy on top of the head!


If you're having trouble finding the right earrings for your look, don't worry. You can still find the perfect pair of earrings that will accentuate your features and make you feel great. The first thing to do is take a good look at yourself in the mirror before deciding on an earring style. If your face is oval or round, go with longer styles like hoops or dangly earrings that aren't too heavy on the lobe area (unless they're meant for guys). If you have small facial symmetry and wide set eyes, try hoops with more volume towards their top than bottom—this will help balance out any gaps between them; this also works well if someone has square shaped ears! It's also important not to forget about smaller faces either: as long as there isn't too much excess material hanging off one side of their head then it shouldn't matter too much whether they wear pendants or not...


We hope this guide has helped you figure out which earrings are right for your face shape, features, and body type. If nothing else, we hope it's inspired you to get out there and try something new!

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