50 Cent on 'BMF' and why his urban dramas hit

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(CNN)50 Cent knows that determination are already complaints astir his caller Starz series, "BMF."

Critics of the drama, based connected the existent beingness "Black Mafia Family" transgression syndicate, person argued the amusement glamorizes drug-trafficking and wealth laundering.

"The manner choices are ever going to springiness you much danger," 50 Cent told CNN successful a caller interview. "It's going to springiness you amusement and energy. If those manner choices weren't there, it would inactive beryllium a household drama."

    The "BMF" surface household is comprised of brothers Demetrius "Big Meech" Flenory and Terry "Southwest T" Flenory, who came up successful Detroit successful the 1980s and led BMF.

      Big Meech is played by his son, Demetrius "Lil Meech" Flenory Jr., successful his debut role.

      The younger Flenory told CNN helium learned a large woody astir his begetter and his uncle -- some imprisoned erstwhile helium was a youngster -- done the role.

      "I already knew a batch astir my dada and my uncle that my begetter utilized to archer maine and I utilized to spot increasing up," helium said. "But this was a full antithetic acquisition due to the fact that present I had to larn astir them successful their childhood, erstwhile they grew up, what choices they made to go who they are today."

      It was besides an acquisition which formed a enslaved betwixt him and Da'Vinchi, who plays younger member Terry.

      "We formed a brotherhood connected and disconnected screen," said Da'Vinchi, known for his show arsenic Darnell Hayes connected the bid "All American." "We had a batch of similarities, we some had the aforesaid objective. We some took this personally connected a vocation level and being artists and that was decidedly seen connected screen."

      The brace besides had to larn what beingness was similar coming of property successful the poorness and unit of the Flenory brothers' Detroit vicinity successful the 1980s.

      Flenory said his begetter was excited for him to get the role.

      "His archetypal thought that helium said was 'Man, you amended larn however to act. You can't beryllium playing maine and look bad,'" the caller histrion recalled.

      According to 50 Cent, the younger Flenory so brought it.

      The rapper, turned actor, turned manager and present enforcement shaper handpicked him for the part. He besides got friends Snoop Dogg and Eminem to instrumentality connected roles.

      50 Cent said he's agelong been alert that networks request the benignant of divers contented he's offering with "BMF," arsenic good arsenic the Starz deed "Power" successful which helium starred, produced and directed.

      "When they commencement to accidental diversity, erstwhile you spot these projects deed the bullseye and its targeted assemblage is watching... similar erstwhile 'Power' went fig 1 with African Americans and Latinos and the beingness continues that success, it says you don't person to person that cooky cutter mentality that Hollywood has had."

        "It's breathtaking due to the fact that things are shifting and changing," helium added. "By the clip they spot what I did present with 'BMF,' [Hollywood] volition beryllium impressed. I've got the cheat code."

        "BMF" starts Sunday connected Starz.

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