3 Recipes—and More Stories—from Ripe Figs

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3 Recipes—and More Stories—from Ripe Figs



Yasmin Khan’s cookbooks are much than conscionable cookbooks. Yes, the recipes are exceptional, and the photography is stunning. But Khan’s acquisition arsenic a writer and quality rights advocator gives her a distinctive lens arsenic a cookbook author: She uses nutrient to link her readers to the places she writes about. Ripe Figs, her latest book, is organized into sections similar soups, salads, mains, but determination are besides sections for antithetic regions. Each tells idiosyncratic stories of the radical who reside there. She touches connected the intersections of politics, history, culture, and the nutrient that accompanies each portion of life, beryllium it celebratory oregon catastrophic. Khan herself puts it champion successful her dedication: “It’s a publication astir the resilience of the human spirit.”

  1. Her archetypal and 2nd books focused connected Persian and Palestinian nutrient and stories, respectively, and this, her third, covers the countries successful the Eastern Mediterranean migratory corridor: Turkey, Greece, and Cyprus. “Migration nutrient symbolizes much than earthy ingredients; it represents connections, household ancestry, a consciousness of safety,” says Khan. As radical move, recipes germinate based connected what’s available, and with creativity and resourcefulness, we support profoundly meaningful connections to our cultures done food.

  2.  Recipes and Stories from Turkey, Greece, and Cyprus

    Yasmin Khan Ripe Figs: Recipes and Stories from Turkey, Greece, and Cyprus Bookshop, $32


  3. If you’re caller to the flavors of the Eastern Mediterranean, you’ll privation to banal up connected immoderate pantry ingredients to navigator up each the delights successful this book. Khan suggests a fewer essentials to get you started: First, pomegranate molasses—a saccharine and sour syrup utilized successful dressing, stews, and desserts. Some aromatics, similar saccharine paprika and peppery oregano. Sumac is crushed from tart, dried berries and provides the astringency and sharpness of vinegar oregon citrus foodstuff successful pulverization form. Pul biber, besides known arsenic Aleppo pepper, gives a mild, fruity, astir saccharine heat. “If you person that you tin marque astir of the recipes successful the cookbook,” says Khan. But she besides encourages experimentations and riffing. “I deliberation of recipes arsenic blueprints, and bully recipes are adaptable.” She shared 3 recipes to enjoy, adapt, and adhd to your ain food story.

  • Tomato & Mint Dolma (Yaprak Sarma)

    Tomato & Mint Dolma (Yaprak Sarma)

    “In my galore years of eating stuffed grape leaves, this Cypriot mentation made with plum tomatoes and spearmint whitethorn beryllium my favorite. Don’t beryllium enactment disconnected by the carnal task of stuffing and rolling, arsenic these are comparatively straightforward to marque and the process has a meditative prime too, truthful I urge making a batch during times of stress. (I made them repeatedly successful the archetypal weeks of the COVID-19 lockdown, but that’s different story.) I didn’t turn up learning however to marque stuffed grape leaves, truthful utilized to find them a spot intimidating. Thankfully, during the people of penning this book, I deliberation I’ve yet cracked it. The tricks are to not overfill the leaves, to rotation them tightly, and to attack each 1 with utter confidence.

    “I was shown however to marque these with yoga teacher Çizge Yalkın and her grandma Nahide Köșkeroǧ‎lu; we stuffed fractional the substance into zucchini flowers and, if you ever get the accidental to usage some, I highly urge it. Otherwise, you tin find brined grape leaves successful conscionable astir immoderate Middle Eastern oregon Mediterranean store. This look makes 30 to 35 dolma depending connected the size of the leaves and I similar to service it with heavy plain yogurt connected the side. The dolma support good successful the refrigerator for astir 3 days, successful a covered container. I often lukewarm them up successful a saucepan with a driblet of water, to instrumentality the chill disconnected them if they’ve been refrigerated.” —Khan


  • Pomegranate & Sumac Chicken

    Pomegranate & Sumac Chicken

    “This is an casual chickenhearted expanse cookware look inspired by a repast I ate astatine Reem, a edifice connected the Greek land of Lesvos tally by Mahmud Talli. Mahmud is simply a powerhouse of vigor and, erstwhile I met him, helium was splitting his clip betwixt volunteering astatine a section assemblage halfway and moving this restaurant. A Syrian doc who managed to flight the war, Mahmud recovered himself trapped connected the land aft seeking refuge there, and soon enactment each his efforts into helping to supply services for caller arrivals to Lesvos. Reem serves accepted Syrian nutrient to bare tourists, volunteers, locals, and refugees alike and this was 1 of my favourite dishes connected the menu, a sticky roasted limb of chickenhearted that tin beryllium marinated up of clip and conscionable popped into the oven soon earlier eating. If you don’t privation to usage chickenhearted thighs, this besides works with a full chicken, jointed into 8 pieces.” —Khan


  • Spicy Bulgur successful  Lettuce Cups (Kisir)

    Spicy Bulgur successful Lettuce Cups (Kisir)

    “If, similar me, you relish nutrient that you tin devour with your hands, you’ll instrumentality large pleasance successful assembling and eating these crockery wraps. Originating from the southeast of  Turkey, wherever pomegranate molasses is utilized to adhd a sweet-and-sour piquancy to food, this crockery tin beryllium served from a ample crockery bowl, oregon you tin nestle scoops of it wrong lettuce leaves which, successful my opinion, brings a spot of glamour to the party. Traditionally a blistery capsicum paste known arsenic biber salçası is added to kısır; you tin find it successful Turkish market stores oregon online. It isn’t strictly essential, though, and you tin ever set the vigor levels to your sensation with chile flakes. Serve arsenic portion of a mezze dispersed oregon alongside grilled meats oregon fish.” —Khan


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