1/6 Committee Is Investigating If Domestic Terrorists And Foreign Governments Funded Trump’s Coup

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The 1/6 Committee has investigators looking into the backing sources for Trump’s Stop The Steal rallies to spot if the wealth came from home terrorists oregon overseas governments.

CNN reported:

The Democratic-led sheet is focused successful portion connected knowing however lawsuit organizers and vendors were paid, and however the 2 rallies were funded, according to aggregate sources acquainted with the investigation, including immoderate who person been interviewed by the committee. Investigators besides privation to cognize if immoderate backing came from home extremists oregon overseas sources, sources say.

Where Did The Money For Trump’s Coup Come From?

Millions of dollars were spent connected the coup crippled to support Trump successful power. The question is who paid for it? It is known that the Trump run spent millions of dollars organizing the DC rally/terrorist staging country connected 1/6. Who paid for each of the different activities? Where did the wealth travel from for the outer rallies?

Since Trump has a agelong past of taking wealth from overseas banks and governments, it is communal consciousness to travel the 1/6 cash. There could beryllium nary greater enactment of ideology destabilization successful the United States than backing Trump’s coup.

The 1/6 Committee mightiness beryllium acceptable to uncover immoderate of the darkest secrets of the Republican Party.

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